CrossTec Releases EMS v3.0: Enhanced Version of Asset Management Software Helps IT Admins Reduce Waste With Expanded Monitoring And Reporting Capabilities

CrossTec Corporation, a leading developer and provider of software management solutions, announces the release of EMS v3.0 asset management software, offering IT admins enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities to reduce waste and redundancy across the enterprise.

September 9, 2009

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Boca Raton, Florida, September 9, 2009 -- CrossTec Corporation, aleading developer and provider of software management solutions,announces the release of EMS v3.0 asset management software, offeringIT admins enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities to reducewaste and redundancy across the enterprise. EMS v3.0 includes new andenhanced features unique to IT asset management, including the abilityto combine hardware and software inventory monitoring with softwaredistribution, application and Internet metering, alerting and reportingcapabilities, and remote control functionality. EMS v3.0 provides acentralized solution to current IT asset management needs whilepreparing for increased regulatory compliance requirements resultingfrom business growth.

"The ability to efficiently manage IT assets across the enterprise hasa direct correlation to an organization's overall operationalefficiently--not to mention its bottom line," says Turner Dean, VPSales of CrossTec Corporation. "The new version of EMS providesadministrators with unmatched transparency into the organization's ITassets: the number and location of its desktops, what hardware isneeded, and what software is installed. No single person can manage andsupport these assets efficiently; trying to track and manage assetswith spreadsheets is an inefficient use of IT personnel. EMS is aneasily deployed, cost-effective solution that simplifies andcentralizes asset management. Key new features such as remote officemanagement and energy monitoring make it even more adaptable to themost complex environments. Plus, its modular framework enablesadministrators to purchase only those components they need."

CrossTec EMS v3.0 includes the following new features:

* Remote Office Management is provided via the new CommunicationGateway. This stable gateway locates and securely connects to clientson remote networks via the Internet. Administrators can monitor andmanage on multiple remote locations from a central location.
* The Energy Monitor--which is aimed at helping organizations reducetheir carbon footprint, meet internal energy saving targets, and reduceoperational costs--tracks all powered-on systems across the enterprise,highlighting their energy consumption and associated costs. Working dayhours can be defined making it easy to identify out-of-hours wastage.

* Active Directory Integration. Full Active Directory Integration isprovided in EMS v3.0 and the tree view can now mirror your ActiveDirectory structure. Support has been provided to enable membership ofAD groups to control logon/access rights to the EMS Console.* Console Roles. Access rights for Console Operators are now controlledby defined profiles or "Roles." Once created the Role can be assignedto multiple operators. Roles can be linked to a Windows Group and arerelevant when Active Directory is being used.
* Change PC Owner. When EMS connects to a Client PC for the first timeit will automatically "bind" the logged on user as the PC Owner. A new"Bind Users" dialog allows you to manually change the PC Owner detailsif this is not the permanent "owner."

Free 30-day evaluations of CrossTec EMS v3.0 can be downloaded, or call (800) 675-0729 to speak with an account manager.

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