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Attune announced that the Central Florida YMCA has selected the Maestro File Manager

January 31, 2007

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Attune Systems, Inc., aprovider of enterprise-class file virtualization solutions, todayannounced that the Central Florida YMCA has selected the Maestro FileManager for automated monitoring, reporting and management of all of theservers, file shares and files in order to improve processes, controlcosts and optimize existing resources.

With 25 Family Centers located throughout a six-county radius and morethan 200,000 people walking through its doors every day, the CentralFlorida YMCA needed better access control when verifying its members'identity. This prompted IT Director Edil Vicenty to take a closer lookat the capabilities of Attune Systems' Maestro File Manager filevirtualization appliance.

"I liked what I saw," said Vicenty. "The system showed such versatility.It used a superior file manager with all the network-attached storage(NAS) characteristics and a single point of management. The fact that ithad 100% compatibility with Microsoft products also stood out in mymind. With Maestro, we were able to place all the photos, located in allthe sites, into one share folder. Then, via scripting, Maestro combinesall the photos logically so that they are now available to users acrossthe entire enterprise. Maestro is a cost-effective solution that bringsyour enterprise operation to a more tactical and strategic way ofmanaging files and backups. It can redefine better storage processes anda better outcome in your file management lifecycles. It providesvisibility to very critical processes, such as performing fileinventories, qualifying data pools, conducting inventories of sharefolders and manipulating data upon request."

Looking to the future, Vicenty plans to expand use of Maestro todiscover non-authorized share folders and run automated policies totransparently migrate older, infrequently accessed files to a lower-coststorage tier-without impacting end users or clients. He is alsoexploring its use to retrieve and secure human resource (HR) data. "Ido not have to invest in other appliances or applications to accomplishsimilar functionalities and all file management is now streamlined,"Vicenty added. "We have logs, statistics, better analytics and anopportunity to create virtual storage pools with virtual layers of datamanipulation."

"I am excited to see YMCA achieve its goals by leveraging some ofMaestro's key file virtualization capabilities including detailedreporting and analysis, Global Namespace, non-disruptive data migration,as well as real-time policy management and scripting. This new solutionallows authorized YMCA staff to easily access any member's photo,regardless of where it originated-and also complements the broadautomated file management, monitoring and reporting functions thatMaestro is able to perform on their 25 local and remote servers," saidDaniel Liddle, Attune's vice president of marketing. "Maestro can notonly identify and report on their file usage, attributes and duplicatedata, but also provide in-depth performance reporting on theheterogeneous storage resources themselves. The YMCA staff gains aleading-edge tool for understanding and optimizing their environment ina simple, low-risk, and inexpensive fashion that was not possiblebefore."Attune Systems Inc.

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