Using Wireshark: Packet Analysis Tutorial

Learn about packet capture in these slides from top-rated Interop ITX workshop led by troubleshooting expert Mike Pennacchi.

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Application performance issues always lead to a lot of finger pointing, and IT teams are tasked with the job of figuring out exactly what's wrong. Getting to the root of the problem requires digging through data packets traveling across the network. Tools like the popular open source network analyzer Wireshark can play a big role in helping to diagnose slow apps or tracking down the source of a security problem.null


At Interop ITX this spring, network troubleshooting expert Mike Pennacchi taught a hands-on workshop about using Wireshark to capture the right packets and how to analyze them. He discussed how to get in the path of packets, Wireshark packet capture options, and how to create predefined filters to quickly get to the root cause of application problems. 

Pennacchi's class was the highest rated workshop at this year's Interop ITX. Pennacchi is owner and lead analyst at Network Protocol Specialists, a network analysis and training company based in Seattle, Wash. He's a longtime Interop instructor and perennial favorite at the conference.

You can check out his slides from this year's workshop by clicking the link below.

"Deep Dive Packet Analysis with Wireshark"

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