NetApp Upgrades SnapManager for Oracle

New version provides customers with improved backup, restore, and cloning capabilities

January 22, 2009

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP) today announced SnapManager 3.0 for Oracle, providing customers who have Oracle® Database environments running on NetApp® enterprise storage systems with significant improvements in backup, restore, and cloning capabilities.

In today’s enterprise environment, customers require 24x7 availability and protection of their business-critical applications on Oracle Databases. Meeting this requirement has been a significant challenge for customers whose data and management demands continue to grow. NetApp SnapManager 3.0 for Oracle, which is available today and builds upon the previous capabilities and features, enables customers to perform self-service data management of their Oracle Databases more completely and efficiently.

SnapManager 3.0 for Oracle provides policy-driven data protection through its integration with NetApp Protection Manager, helping storage administrators better create and manage policies and empowering database administrators (DBAs) to easily implement them using the software’s self-service features. As a result, DBAs can now standardize and automate backups of Oracle to primary and secondary storage through integration with NetApp SnapVault® and SnapMirror®, providing more streamlined and comprehensive data protection.

SnapManager 3.0 for Oracle also integrates with NetApp FlexClone® technology. Now DBAs can clone databases directly to primary or secondary storage in a matter of minutes, resulting in faster development and test cycles for quicker time to market. In addition, DBAs can use SnapManager 3.0 for Oracle to execute existing data masking scripts on database clones to protect sensitive information. Finally, SnapManager 3.0 for Oracle allows for increased Oracle Database availability, providing customers with the ability to schedule backups on the fly and enable volume-level restores.

“We’ve seen many of our customers realize tremendous benefits with SnapManager for Oracle,” said Ari Kaplan, senior consultant and business applications practice lead, Datalink Corporation. “Customers used to spend several days cloning their entire Oracle environment. Now they’re able to do it in just a matter of minutes, while typically using only 10% of their storage capacity to do so. NetApp SnapManager 3.0 for Oracle will only strengthen this offering by providing customers with increased cloning and restore capabilities along with enhanced protection.”NetApp Inc.

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