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LogLogic released Project Lasso to the global log management and intelligence community

May 1, 2006

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LAS VEGAS -- LogLogic today released Project Lasso to the global log management and intelligence community. Project Lasso is a LogLogic-sponsored and community-supported open source project that promotes rapid development of innovative technologies for monitoring any kind of Windows event. Available at no cost for download from LogLogic.com, the Project Lasso reference design release is the first in a series of community initiatives from LogLogic intended to encourage developers, IT professionals and other technologists to participate in and accelerate the technology development process around log files and their management. Project Lasso represents a viable open source alternative, or complement, to Microsoft's more proprietary Windows event collection infrastructure.

"Project Lasso broadens Windows administrators and manager's options by enabling them to capture all windows event logs on a central server using next generation transport and without deploying agents," said Dominique Levin, vice president of product management, LogLogic. "By making knowledge centrally accessible, at near real-time speed, Lasso users can respond and adapt to critical events and anticipate others to mitigate critical business risks. By harnessing the power of the community, we now have an even greater opportunity to accelerate innovation in the Windows event management market.We welcome developers and IT professionals to Project Lasso and encourage them to get directly involved with building the future of open Windows log management and intelligence."

Lasso builds on the success of the Intersect Alliance's successful Snare for Windows open source project. Responding to customer feedback, LogLogic architected and implemented Lasso to provide centralized log management, eliminating the need to manage individual agents, and, greatly reducing the impact on monitored servers in terms of storage and processing. LogLogic also incorporated improved and reliable transport of log data in the form of TCP Syslog. In addition to the standard Windows event logs, Project Lasso can also capture application-specific and custom Windows event logs.LogLogic anticipates releasing similar community initiatives for enterprise software applications that produce non-ASCII local log files over the course of the next twelve months and invites interested developers and partners to participate in the project.

"It's great to see another open source project that deals with the challenges of log management," said George Cora, director, Intersect Alliance, designers of "Snare." "The open sourcing of Project Lasso will continue to grow, and contribute to the market for open source event management as well as the log management and intelligence community."

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