Hitachi Supports IBM Mainframes

Hitachi announces storage compatibility and interoperability support for IBM mext-generation mainframe environments

February 29, 2008

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Addressing customer demands for storage services in mission-critical environments, Hitachi Data Systems Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT) and the only provider of Services Oriented Storage Solutions, today announced that the company will support the IBM z10 zSeries, IBMs next generation mainframe announced this week, for the Hitachi Universal Storage Platform™ V and Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM. Specifically, Hitachi will certify Enterprise System Connection™ (ESCON®), Fiber Connection (FICON®) and Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) connectivity for the new zSeries servers. Hitachi will also continue to support z/OS®, z/VSE and z/VM operating systems.

Many of the world’s largest organizations in the financial services, telecommunications and other key industries rely on IBM mainframe systems to run mission-critical applications. Hitachi has a long history in supporting mainframe environments. In addition, Hitachi continues to be the only company to deliver storage virtualization solutions for mainframe storage environments, enabling clients to simplify their infrastructure, reduce cost and risk. Hitachi’s approach enables customers to deliver centrally managed storage services such as tiered storage, data migration and replication, as opposed to utilizing multiple isolated islands of storage to perform similar functions. The ability to deploy zOS attached volumes using Hitachi’s tiered storage services saves customers considerable time and money without compromising even the strictest service level agreement.

"Many businesses today rely on mainframe systems for their mission-critical applications,” said John Mansfield, senior vice president, Global Solutions Strategy and Development, Hitachi Data Systems. “Hitachi is fully committed to providing these customers with the highest availability and performance to meet their business needs and our announcement to reinforce that message. Furthermore, with our Services Oriented Storage strategy Hitachi is uniquely positioned to enable organizations to reduce cost, complexity, and risk by leveraging a common virtualized storage platform for open and mainframe storage requirements.”

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