FileTek Launches Solution for SharePoint

Unstructured data classification solution enhances SharePoint records manager

June 3, 2008

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ROCKVILLE, Md. -- FileTek, Inc., a pioneer developer of innovative information and data management solutions, today announced the introduction of the Trusted Edge Desktop Compliance Suite for Microsoft SharePoint. This new Trusted Edge solution integrates with Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 to enhance the records management functionality of SharePoint to help companies deploy effective eCompliance and data management strategies addressing the latest regulatory developments such as updated FRCP, SOX, HIPAA and SEC rules and regulations.

By utilizing a unique approach to data classification, Trusted Edge is a perfect complement to SharePoint's baseline ECM functionality, providing a controlled collection methodology that stores unstructured data (content, documents, and files) into the SharePoint repository. Trusted Edge solves a key problem facing businesses today - how to successfully implement a "best practices" digital records management policy across the entire enterprise network, including the desktop, where 80% of documents arecreated. Unlike traditional ECM solutions, Trusted Edge enforces themandatory categorization of desktop-generated data from MS Office and other applications extending SharePoint's control to files stored inside and outside the repository, dramatically reducing risks associated with unknown or unidentified copies.

According to Enterprise Strategy Group research, organizations will archive nearly 90 exabytes of unstructured content in the next five years to meet compliance, records management, legal preservation and improved information access requirements. "There are two dynamics that make Trusted Edge's announcement timely," said Brian Babineau, Senior Analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. "First, a large amount of unstructured information will be managed within SharePoint, and second, much of the data will be created at the desktop." As a result, organizations are going to need a means to classify data at the point of creation and then leverage solutions like SharePoint that enforce policies based on the various information categories.

"Our Trusted Edge solution delivers unique functionality for SharePoint extending records management controls from the very edge of the network to the core of the enterprise," said Philip Pascarelli, President of FileTek. "By intelligently enhancing SharePoint, Trusted Edge gives organizations a powerful solution that better manages unstructured data and mitigates the risks associated with electronic content. In addition, the Trusted Edge solution can route content to multiple repositories allowing the SharePoint ecosystem to leverage opportunities involving other ECM and archival applications and extend the value proposition."

FileTek Corp.

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