Dataupia Unveils Satori Server

Dataupia announced the general availability of its data management system, the Dataupia Satori Server 12000

May 14, 2007

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BOSTON -- TDWI Spring 2007 WorldConference -- Dataupia Corporation today announced the generalavailability of its data management system, the Dataupia(TM) SatoriServer 12000. The Dataupia Satori Server integrates server, storageand optimization software to deliver a scalable, affordableappliance. It is the industry's first and only data warehouseappliance designed specifically for database and applicationtransparency. With Dataupia, organizations can expand their dataretrieval capabilities to unlock the knowledge and power contained indetailed, atomic level data.

Today's highly-regulated, data-driven business environment hasresulted in an explosion of data. Data drives business, yet accessto the vast, invaluable data that businesses store is not readilyavailable. Analysts estimate that corporate data will growfifty-fold to a zetabyte by 2010(1). As a result, market demand foraffordable data management solutions is at an all-time high withorganizations across industries seeking technology solutions thatprovide fast and easy access to historic, compliance and detail data.

The Dataupia Satori Server represents an evolution in data warehouseappliance technology. By combining highly specialized software andindustry-standard hardware into an easy to manage solution, theDataupia Satori Server allows large amounts of data to remain on-lineand easily accessible by reporting and analytic applications withoutdedicating a team of highly skilled experts. As a result,organizations can easily and cost-effectively maintain and accessdata that is important to their business.

In the current business climate, information discovery drivescompetitive advantage. Vast amounts of consumer and business data isgrowing exponentially, at a time when access to data has never beenmore crucial. Dataupia exposes previously unavailable collected andprocessed data within organizations in a way that is affordable andarchitecturally feasible for all members of the business. Dataupiamakes data initiatives more effective, allowing companies to makesmarter decisions and meet today's stringent data compliance andregulatory mandates.

"Most companies and large organizations are only using a smallfraction of data available to improve business operations andmaximize investments made to meet growing regulatory requirements,"said Dan Vesset, Research Director, Analytics and Data WarehousingSoftware at IDC. "Decisions about data retention should not have tobe made on the cost of keeping the data, but rather should be made onthe value that data brings to the business. Companies wanting toaccess their assets more readily should seriously consider a solutionlike the Dataupia Satori Server."Dataupia Corp.

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