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CryptoMill is offering management solutions for Seagate's encrypting notebook hard drive, Momentus 5400 FDE.2

May 1, 2007

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TORONTO -- CryptoMill Technologies(R) today announced that itis offering management solutions for Seagate's encrypting notebook hard drive,Momentus 5400 FDE.2, using CryptoMill's endpoint data security solution -SEAhawk. The CryptoMill-Seagate solution addresses the critical need in themarketplace to protect against the real internal and external data securitythreats that organizations face from loss or misuse of sensitive informationon laptops and mobile storage devices.

  • 81% of companies reported the loss of one or more laptops containing sensitive information during the past 12 months. - Ponemon Institute, 2006.

Data breaches have become the most critical security issue enterprisesface today, as a result of endless losses and thefts of laptops and removablestorage devices. As users rely on laptops and mobile storage devices thepotential for data loss continues to grow. These threats have stirredattention at the highest level among worldwide regulators, industry bodies andheads of global corporations. There is a growing need for more comprehensiveand complete solutions to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of coredata in enterprises.

Seagate Technology is a market leader and independent maker of harddrives used to store data. Seagate's DriveTrust(TM) technology provides harddrive-based full disk encryption that automatically encrypts all data writtento the disk without any performance impact to computer systems. The level ofsecurity Seagate's DriveTrust technology brings to the commercial market isunprecedented. It marks the beginning of a new way of thinking about thecapabilities of the hard drive, beyond just storage, to address the currentenvironment of data breaches and identity theft.

CryptoMill's relationship with Seagate ushers in a new era of dataprotection for laptops and mobile storage devices. It brings to themarketplace for the first time, a complete data security solution - one thatis beyond encryption, and addresses both internal and external securitythreats. CryptoMill's SEAhawk will offer transparent management of themarket's leading secure, encrypting hard drive, Seagate Momentus 5400 FDE.2,to achieve maximum benefits with minimum complexity. SEAhawk will provideenterprise-class key management and recovery, as well as integration with usermanagement services in Microsoft(R) Windows(R) and Active Directory(R)."Providing organizations of all sizes with an easy, centralized way tomanage computers using DriveTrust technology to secure and encrypt sensitivedata is key to widespread adoption and deployment of these secure systems,"said John Bedrick, Senior Director of IT Security - New Market Development atSeagate Technology. "Seagate is teaming with CryptoMill and other independentsoftware vendors to deliver simple management of systems powered by Momentus5400 FDE.2, our full-disc encryption secure notebook hard drive." Seagate DriveTrust technology is a powerful new security platform thatcombines strong, fully automated hardware-based security with a programmingfoundation that makes it easy to add security-based software applications fororganization-wide encryption key management, multi-factor user authenticationand other capabilities that help lock down digital information at rest.

CryptoMill SEAhawk and Seagate DriveTrust will comprehensively addresslaptop and mobile storage security problems in a single unified solution thatwill offer unparalleled levels of security, scalability, ease of use, andsimple management. CryptoMill aims to be at the forefront of leveragingDriveTrust technology for organizations of all sizes, including its ability todo instantaneous cryptographic erasure, and smart card facilities to bringendpoint and mobile storage device security to new levels of assurance andtrust for all organizations.

"Every organization wants its people to freely manage, intelligently moveand use data while keeping it secure." - said Nandini Jolly, CryptoMill's CEO."Pairing our SEAhawk product with Momentus 5400 FDE.2 will allow users andorganizations to do just that, preserving privacy and trust even while data ismobile and liberated. This is truly revolutionary."

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