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In this edition, we take a look at Compuware Vantage 9, Neon LANsurveyor 8.0, Javelina ADvantage Elements, ViewCentral 4.6 and Mindego Analyzer

January 16, 2004

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Compuware Vantage 9
Compuware Corp. has released the latest version of its application-management solution. The product focuses its analysis on end-user performance rather than network-application behavior. Vantage 9 lets you view a snapshot of an application at the time of service violation, and includes a baseline for comparison. $19,000. Compuware Corp., (313) 227-7300.

Neon LANsurveyor 8.0
Network documentation and security are the focus of Neon Software's latest LANsurveyor. Diagrams of the network now include switches and hubs, as well as port connectivity. The new Switch/Hub Port Report lists not only managed switches and hubs, but also the port number, Ethernet and IP addresses, and DNS name for easier tracking. Also new to 8.0 is a continuous scan feature that aids in preventing intrusion. The scan looks for new network nodes or devices, helping you block rogues. The hardware-inventory report includes tracking of PCI cards, multiple CPUs, and complete disk and volume information. Contact vendor for pricing. Neon Software, (800) 334-6366, (925) 283-9771.

Javelina ADvantage Elements
Active Directory administrators will find bulk administration easier with the newest addition to Javelina Software's ADvantage line of products. Specializing in streamlining AD tasks, these ADvantage Elements--ADusers, ADsearch, ADgroups and ADcontacts--reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks. The new Elements can be purchased in a package or separately, and complement Javelina's Migration Toolbox. $300 per administrator/per element, with quantity discounts available. Javelina Software, (800) 397-5484, (302) 422-0230.

ViewCentral 4.6
This product lets you manage complex media events by organizing registration, payment and scheduling of Web and audio conferencing, as well as by evaluating and reporting on events for analysis. With its registration analysis tracking tools, you can set time limits for registration and grant discounts for a predetermined number of

registrants per organization. Version 4.6 also tracks how an attendee was brought to the registration site. Entry level is $25,000, but most customers spend $55,000 to 85,000 annually. ViewCentral, (877) 807-0123.

Mindego Analyzer MA-4500
This Windows-based analyzer examines the structure, contents and conformance of MPEG-4 media data, and identifies problems with coding systems or streaming data from external sources. An easy-to-use interface lets you access MP4 files at any level of the file and its video contents. The full-featured version of the software tool, MA-4500, includes advanced elements such as VBV buffer analysis, macroblock distribution and bit count, and peak signal-to-noise ratio. $5,995. Mindego, (408) 243-6384.

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