Zettapoint Announces Version 2.1 of DBclassify With Cross-Platform Support

Dramatically reduces total cost of ownership while improving asset utilization.

May 20, 2009

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ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zettapoint (http://www.zettapoint.com), a leader of database Right TieringSM solutions, today announced a new version of its DBclassify software solution that extends support to all EMC storage platforms, including the EMC Symmetrix V-Max??? storage system. DBclassify now includes detailed I/O wait information to further enhance its already powerful usage-based data classification capabilities. It provides customers with the ability to classify data by usage and I/O, and accurately and confidently apply Right Tiering to their valuable database assets. This results in optimized database object placement, peak performance, and a manageable total-cost-of-ownership (TCO). Zettapoint is showcasing the latest version of DBclassify at EMC World 2009 in Orlando, FL, in booth 108.

"As networked storage systems continue to evolve with newer technologies, Zettapoint is filling a gap by enabling companies to more efficiently allocate database objects to the appropriate storage tier based on the actual usage and I/O profile of data within the database," said Rich Wells, Senior Director, DBMS Global Solutions Practice for EMC. "EMC is pleased to support Zettapoint as it delivers industry-leading database software solutions that enhance our storage offering."

"EMC has again raised the bar and ushered in the next generation of storage technology in the industry with EMC Symmetrix V-Max," said Steve Campbell, Zettapoint CEO. "Zettapoint is providing its own technology advance with our latest version of DBclassify that provides customers with the ability to accurately and confidently apply Right Tiering to take full advantage of new, breakthrough technologies from EMC, like Enterprise Flash Drives and VirtualMatrix Architecture. DBclassify supports all EMC storage platforms and ensures customers that they will have compatibility between their hardware and software today, and going forward."

DBclassify was specifically built for Right Tiering storage environments. It analyzes and differentiates structured data for full visibility into the real-life use of the database. Through a comprehensive analysis process, DBclassify automatically tracks and ranks every database object (tables, columns, indexes and partitions) based on frequency of access and I/O wait information, and associates it with the specific applications and users. Right Tiering classifies data by actual business usage and value, and then recommends placement on the appropriate storage tier to consistently deliver the highest possible service level at the lowest possible cost.

DBclassify identifies frequently used, or hot, data which then can be allocated to the highest storage tier, such as EFD or fibre channel, while less frequently used or unused data can be allocated to lower, less costly tiers such as SATA drives and archival storage. Storage Right Tiering delivers the dual benefit of improving SLA compliance for business users by greatly reducing I/O wait times and efficiently managing TCO by placing the right database objects on the right tiers based on actual usage patterns."Zettapoint is driving towards a leadership position in the industry with unique software solutions like DBclassify that enable companies to more efficiently use storage and dramatically reduce overall management costs of their databases," said Mark Caggiano, General Manager, Data Management Division for TriCore Solutions, a Zettapoint and EMC Velocity?? partner. "With Zettapoint's DBclassify we are able to deliver advanced availability, scalability, and performance to our Oracle customers, while improving TCO."

DBclassify benefits include:

* Ability to justify, acquire and allocate storage assets based on actual data usage patterns and importance to the business. * Reduction or elimination of I/O wait time for the most critical applications and users through intelligent EFD selection and implementation. * Dramatic reduction in the cost of Oracle infrastructure through storage tiering. * Reduction of the time, cost and risk of database consolidation or migration projects. * Identification of dormant data to move to less costly tiers of storage. * Right Tiering that provides the right data in the right place for the right price. * Ability to Right Tier the V-Max environment

About Zettapoint

Zettapoint delivers software solutions which slash the total cost of ownership (TCO) of massive and ever-growing enterprise databases. DBclassify, the company's Right Tiering usage-based data classification solution, enables effective Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), improves asset utilization, and optimizes business intelligence processes. Zettapoint's North American headquarters are in Concord, MA. For more information, visit www.zettapoint.com.0

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