Wind Turbine Success Story: Image Gallery

One year after coming on line, a $3.9 million wind turbine is generating a third of a Massachusetts ski resort's power. See images of how the turbine was installed.

August 20, 2008

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Google Android SDK Hits Street; Android Security Team Braces

It's been a big week for the Android phone platform. Most important, the Federal Communications Commission gave the all clear to the first Android-powered handset, which will be built by High Tech Computer and is currently expected to be called the Dream. Additionally, Google released an updated version of its SDK.

This version of the SDK, version 0.9, Google says, is very close to what the final SDK will look like. While this is all good news for anyone who has yet to buy an iPhone and sign up for a lengthy AT&T contract, it also means that more security researchers, if they haven't already started, will begin hammering away for any existing security-related vulnerabilities. It's what they do, and in the long run, their work improves the quality of software.

Google knows this, and already is bracing for the storm.

An e-mail posted by the Android Security Team posted to the popular Full Disclosure mailing list Monday tells the tale.

Read an excerpt from that e-mail and the rest of my blog here.

George Hulme[email protected]

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Wind Turbine Success Story At Jiminy PeakOne year after coming on line, a $3.9 million wind turbine is generating a third of a Massachusetts ski resort's power. See images of how the turbine was installed.

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