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You are cordially invited to a behind-the-scenes tour of Bruce Boardman's upcoming--and very ambitious--review of Web analytic engines. Beginning today and running through the publication of Bruce's final story in

March 8, 2004

9 Min Read
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This comparative review will rely on the strength of Network Computing's Real World® testing, making it one of the biggest and best reviews Network Computing has done to date.
In partnership with CMP Media LLC, Network Computing's parent publisher, real requirements for Web analytics, and real Web analytic experts will help define the winner. And Network Computing's Web site, (www.nwc.com) the prime test guinea pig, will be joined by a major college sports Web site just in time to measure the Final Four March Madness. OH BABY! We've invited the following vendors to participate in our upcoming Analytics Review,

Thanks to everyone who cast their votes on Bruce Boardman's Web Analytics test methodology. Click here to view the results.

We want to thank everyone who submitted descriptions of their Web analytic experiences. For your enjoyment and edification, we've compiled the best entries into a reader travelogue.

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What is the single feature business analysts always overlook when deciding on a Web Analytics solution?

What is the hardest aspect of managing a Web Analytics installation?

What fibs have you've heard a Web Analytic vendor tell your boss?

If you've installed a web analytic solution, what do you wish you could do differently?

What surprised you the most about your web analytic solution once you got it installed?

Do you expect web analysis software to tell you not only that something like a particular conversion rate has been or hasn't been achieved, but why the rate or lack thereof has happened? Does your web analytics do that?

Are web analytic services which are easier to implement less flexible to the point of making you wish you had bought the software and run it in-house?

What integration features would you like to see web analytics include? Service Desk? Fault Management? ERP? Systems and Network Management?

How important to your IT operations are the metrics provided by web analytics? Why or why not?


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