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Vi Laboratories and Internet Crimes Group have teamed up to create a new comprehensive anti-piracy solution

April 17, 2007

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WALTHAM, Mass. -- V.i. Laboratories, Inc. (“V.i. Labs”), a provider of software protection solutions for securing high value and mission critical applications, and Internet Crimes Group, Inc. (“ICG”) have teamed up to create a new comprehensive anti-piracy solution. The new offering not only prevents code tampering and reverse-engineering, but also identifies the most active and significant cracking teams that focus on specific customer software titles and then delivers continuous reports on the effectiveness of their anti-piracy measures.

"The combination of software protection and proactive forensic intelligence is a major step toward an anti-piracy solution to help companies protect their intellectual property and investment in software development, sales, and distribution," said Jeffrey Bedser, President of ICG. “Piracy teams work very hard to recruit suppliers, crackers, and other specialty members to pirate high value software to compete with an official product release. The piracy network and distribution channels these teams operate through are complex and feed those warez sources that are publicly available. We have proven solutions for developers and manufacturers to deliver both business and technical intelligence to mitigate these threats.”

ICG is the premier provider of intelligence and threat management solutions to Global 2500 corporations and leading law firms. ICG provides Intelligence gathering, modeling, and analysis of online piracy and fraud communities as well as recommendation and investigation of litigation targets. V.i. Labs will incorporate ICG services into its CodeArmor solution to create a unique Piracy Intelligence and Reporting service that provides customers the ability to:

  • Validate the effectiveness of their anti-piracy strategy including implementation of software protection by monitoring the piracy team releases and validating when a cracked version of the software becomes available.

  • Quantify the Time to Crack™ by measuring the revenue loss associated with piracy and build the ROI for anti-piracy investments. The Time to Crack is Vi Labs methodology that measures the point in time where the piracy teams make a new software release available with licensing or software protection disabled.

  • Create a process that continually improves anti-piracy technology by identifying the tools and techniques used to crack license and software protection mechanisms and then incorporating new countermeasures to deter them.

    · Identify the linkage between those that sell pirated software and individuals and specific piracy teams who crack software licensing and distribute these releases.

“Piracy of high-value software is enabled by expert piracy teams disabling embedded license management functions using reverse engineering techniques. Our CodeArmor technology prevents these threats, but cracking teams are constantly evolving their tools and processes,” said Vic DeMarines, VP of Products at V.i. Labs. “In our experience, ICG is the only piracy watch service that could effectively gather detailed intelligence on the software piracy teams. By combining this service with our software protection technology, we give software vendors an anti-piracy approach that easily justifies the investment and continually improves itself over time.”

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