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Teak Technologies and Neterion are demonstrating their 10-Gbit Congestion-Free Ethernet switching solution at the NGDC Conference

August 7, 2007

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Blade.org membersTeak Technologies and Neterion are demonstrating their 10-GbCongestion-Free Ethernet switching solution for the IBM BladeCenterplatform at the NGDC Conference and Expo here today.

The demonstration features an IBM BladeCenter-H chassis, two Teak10-Gb CFE Switch Modules, and six Teak 10-Gb CFE Expansion Cardsrunning on a mix of six AMD/Intel LS-21/HS-21 server blades. The twoswitch modules simulate a two-hop network. A modified ping-pong testrunning across multiple NetPIPE clients/servers simulates networkcongestion and displays application-level results graphically tohighlight performance improvements under congestion. The resultsdemonstrate in excess of a ten-fold improvement in end-to-endapplication-level latency, fairness, and full link utilization acrossmultiple flows under transient and sustained network congestion.

The Teak 10-Gb CFE Expansion Card for the IBM BladeCenter integratesNeterion's advanced ASIC featured in the company's family of 10-GbEXframe(R) V-NIC(TM) adapters featuring the Hyperframe(TM) suite oftechnologies designed to provide virtualization at the I/O level. TheASIC is based on a sophisticated state machine architecture thatdelivers the highest performance and reliability available, and as aresult, enables complete end-to-end virtualized networks.

Teak's 10-Gb CFE switching solutions unlock the full promise of aloss-free Ethernet thereby transforming a data center network into aCongestion-Free Zone, and enabling performance that:

  • improves upon comparable best-effort 10-GbE price/performance by up to 16x

  • maximizes load-invariant, loss-free link utilization up to 100 percent

  • reduces number of uplinks in multi-hop network configurations by up to 4x

  • delivers SLA-driven, predictable application performance

"Congestion is way of life in bursty data center environments. Oursolutions make it a non-issue and set the stage for Ethernetconvergence on an end-to-end basis," said Sanjay Dua, chief marketingofficer at Teak Technologies. "Legacy 1-GbE and 10-GbE networks areover-built and complex to deploy and maintain. They are also poor incontaining congestion, which can bring network-bound applications toa virtual standstill thereby effectively denying service."


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Neterion Inc.

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