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In this edition we look at Executive Software's Sitekeeper 3.1, Elcor Software's Advanced Registry Doctor Pro 3.0, Alchemy Labs' Alchemy Eye 5.7 and FaceTime Communications' FaceTime RTG500.

May 7, 2004

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ELCOR SOFTWARE ADVANCED REGISTRY DOCTOR PRO 3.0 Does your Windows registry need professional help? Even one invalid link or missing entry to a file or folder can influence system-response time or cause system crashes. After scanning certain registry entries and diagnosing invalid links, Elcor promises its Advanced Registry Doctor Pro 3.0 can cure the system by correcting or killing the link. Advanced options include registry defrag, a built-in scheduler, backup-and-restore features and a history log. Personal license starts at $24.95; site license starts at $65.95. Elcor Software,

ALCHEMY EYE 5.7 Alchemy Eye, a network-monitoring tool that checks server availability and status, has added WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service) to its list of monitored servers. Version 5.7 includes NT event-log recording in Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003, and server malfunctions alerts through e-mail, phone and pager. The management interface lets you change the properties of multiple servers at the same time. You can execute a user-defined SQL query if the program detects an unavailable server. Enhanced monitoring detects SNMP traps generated by network devices or daemons, and DHCP servers can also be monitored. $299. Alchemy Lab,

FACETIME RTG500 This appliance is designed to protect your network against bandwidth-hogging P2P filesharing applications such as Kazaa, while limiting and managing instant-messaging applications according to your company's rules. Such management also helps you decrease the risk of network attacks and copyright infringements. FaceTime's suite of IM proxy apps installs behind the corporate firewall. Starts at $5,000. FaceTime Communications, (888) 349-FACE, (650) 574-1600.

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