Sybase Delivers Extreme Analytics

Sybase delivers extreme analytics out of the box with new analytic appliance

May 12, 2008

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CHICAGO -- Sybase, Inc. (NYSE:SY), the largest enterprise software and services company exclusively focused on managing and mobilizing information, today announced the new Sybase Analytic Appliance, configured and tuned to provide extreme analytics and alleviate overburdened enterprise data warehouses, data marts and reporting systems. Combining category-leading technologies including Sybase IQ, Sybase PowerDesigner®, IBM® POWER™ Systems and MicroStrategy 8™, Sybase Analytic Appliance has all the benefits of a custom-built enterprise data warehouse (EDW), but is easy, fast and affordable—up to one third of the price of other leading solutions.

Sybase Analytic Appliance on IBM POWER Systems provides fast time-to-value by providing a unified appliance console, pre-configured hardware, software and storage in one compact and power-efficient unit, with single vendor support. The appliance requires lower initial and ongoing investment because, unlike its traditional row-based and parallel-computing counterparts, stored data in column-oriented Sybase IQ is compressed by up to 70 percent of its input size, creating the most optimal and elegant appliance solution. In addition, Sybase Analytic Appliance does not require labor-intensive index tuning, reducing overall maintenance costs. Its point-and-click console simplifies appliance administration and monitoring.

Senior Forrester Research analyst James Kobielus writes: “Appliances are taking up permanent residence in the heart of the enterprise data center — the data warehouse (DW). The reason? They are preconfigured, modular devices that support quick deployment for DW killer applications — most notably, accelerating online analytical processing (OLAP) queries against large, multidimensional data sets. Information managers should now factor DW appliances into data center deployments.”

During the past several years, exploding data volumes and intensified analytics workloads have overwhelmed and inhibited the performance of the average EDW, data mart and reporting system. As a result, IT administrators have resorted to extreme measures to produce the detailed analysis needed to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, including costly software and hardware upgrades. However, complex queries would still take hours, days or even weeks to process, fueling demand for out-of-the-box appliance solutions that could off-load analytics applications.

“The Kyobo Life value innovation project was part of our effort to establish transparent management and efficiency. We accomplished this with Sybase IQ on IBM POWER Systems and have seen very positive results," said Lee Hae-Seok, Managing Director of Kyobo Life Insurance’s Information System Division.Sybase Inc.

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