Spam Scam Fakes Better Business Bureau Complaint

For the second time in three months, the Better Business Bureau's name has been used to run a scam on unsuspecting businesses.

May 25, 2007

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A security company issued a warning about a new spam campaign that sends out e-mails purporting to be about a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau.

The spoofed e-mail, which appears to be from the bureau, contains a Microsoft Word attachment. While the e-mail claims the attachment holds more information about the complaint, it actually a Trojan downloader that tries to install a keylogger, which then tries to steal information and send it to an IP address in Malaysia.

This isn't the first time the Better Business Bureau, which is a network of local offices that investigate consumer complaints, has been used in a fraudulent online attack. In February, the agency's name was used in a phishing attack that hit U.S. and Canadian consumers and businesses.

In the most recent scam, Websense reported that the subject line refers to a "Complaint Case Number." In the body of the message, it says, "You have received a complaint in regards to your business services. The complaint was filled by Mr. Mark Williams on 5/21/2007. Instructions on how to resolve this complaint as well as a copy of the original complaint are attached to this email."

In a warning on its Web site, the agency said, "The BBB ensures that despite the alarming amount of spoof e-mails that have been received, BBB database information has not been compromised. The BBB is currently working with the Electronic Crimes Task Force to track down the spoofers."The agency also warned that any e-mail from these addresses -- [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] addresses -- are not coming from the Better Business Bureau and should be considered counterfeit.

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