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Siber Systems announced the launch of RoboForm Enterprise

June 1, 2007

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FAIRFAX, Va. -- Siber Systems, the company dedicated to creating world-class, innovative software products designed to make using a computer easier, faster, and more secure for individuals and enterprises around the world, today announced the launch of RoboForm Enterprise. The program, which facilitates secure password practices within companies without sacrificing security or convenience, is the corporate counterpart to RoboForm for consumers, Siber’s highly-acclaimed and popular program cited by PC Magazine as Editor’s Choice and named CNET’s Software of the Year.

RoboForm Enterprise lets companies implement a low-risk, cost effective, easy and secure password management solution. IT Managers can completely customize RoboForm Enterprise within 15 minutes to meet the company’s password policies. Employees enjoy the same advantages RoboForm offers consumers, but within the corporate setting: they can securely store usernames and passwords, log into web applications automatically, and complete long web forms with one click. Users no longer have to remember a long list of passwords for different sites, rely on the web browser to keep the passwords, write their passwords down, or list them in files on their computer—none of which is secure.

For corporate IT managers, the deployment of RoboForm Enterprise means they can implement company password security policies and not only have them adhered to, but also enjoy the added security without increasing the volume of help desk calls made by employees to assist them with managing and remembering their numerous passwords.

“RoboForm Enterprise is a rare program that allows you to implement more secure

password management practices without inconveniencing your employees, or increasing your costs,” said Bill Carey, Siber Systems VP of Marketing. Other Single Sign-On (SSO) programs work at the server level, and require painstaking and time consuming integration. RoboForm Enterprise is easily implemented with simple deployment onto every employee’s computer, and all features can be completely customized to the company’s specific security and password standards. Once the program is installed the employees only need to memorize one master password, and RoboForm Enterprise remembers all the rest, providing true one-click log-ins. “RoboForm Enterprise is very user-friendly, self-explanatory and intuitive. We’ve created a much easier and cost-effective password management solution than Single Sign-On or Multi-factor Authentication,” said Carey.

Siber Systems Inc.

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