RenewData Enhances E-Discovery

RenewData broadens electronic discovery offerings with enhanced collections and processing capabilities

May 30, 2007

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AUSTIN, Texas -- RenewData, a leader in e-discovery services for law firms and corporations, announced today the addition of several new electronic evidence service capabilities, including performing on-site collections using the StoredIQ appliance, foreign language culling capabilities, and de-duplication, culling and output of Lotus Notes and Domino native NSF files. These added competencies expand the scope of RenewData's current services to address a variety of customer needs:

  • StoredIQ Onsite Data Collection The addition of the StoredIQ appliance expands the capabilities of RenewData's e-discovery collection offering to now include the collection of live, unstructured data and email in real time at the site of its corporate clients. The RenewData Forensic Collections Team utilizes the non-intrusive StoredIQ appliance to proactively index and search the corporation's network using client-defined search terms. This process identifies potentially relevant electronically stored information while guaranteeing a legally defensible chain-of-custody. RenewData then copies all responsive unstructured data into a secure repository within the StoredIQ appliance. The resulting indexed data set may be de-duplicated and filtered by keyword or date range, or otherwise handled in a variety of methods supported by the StoredIQ appliance. The data can then be moved to the RenewData facility for any further processing, depending on the needs of the client. In addition, a Data Topology Map specifying the location, ownership, size, number and types of files identified can be provided in PDF format for use by legal counsel in 26(f) "meet and confer" sessions.

  • Foreign Language Processing Capabilities In order to accommodate the increasing globalization of litigation, RenewData added enhanced culling capabilities for foreign language documents to their ActiveVault® processing services. RenewData's foreign language culling gives clients the ability to use foreign character search terms, including "wildcards," to search the document text and text-based metadata fields, such as title and author. RenewData e-discovery processing now supports documents utilizing Unicode encoding. This enhanced capability enables them to process documents written in any language supported by Unicode, including, but not limited to, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, French, and Italian. RenewData's processing capability also supports multiple character sets including Japanese dialects such as Hiragana or Katakana.

  • NSF Output Given that Lotus Notes is the second most common enterprise email platform, with 24% of the email market (Osterman Research Messaging Archiving Market Trends, 2007-2010), adding native NSF output capabilities to their ActiveVault processing offering was a logical evolution of RenewData's services. With this capability, RenewData's e-discovery services now provide a complete solution for collecting, processing and delivery of documents in NSF format. Outputting the NSF files in their native format eliminates the loss of Notes-specific formatting and metadata that occurs when converting to PST or other formats. It also allows a full native review with tools supporting NSF files.

    "The enhancements we are introducing demonstrate our sustained commitment as a market leader," said Ellery Buchanan, CEO of RenewData. "We will continue to bring forward-looking services to market in order to exceed the expectations of our customers."

    RenewData Corp.

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