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In this edition we look at top-level domain suggestions rejected by ICANN, stupid Web pages and the most geeky 404 errors.

May 21, 2004

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Top 22 reader submission (give or take a few) for the TOP 11 Top-level Domain suggestions rejected by ICANN

  • Rick Davis -- .crap (let the surfer know your site stinks before they access it)

  • Rick Davis -- .lazy (let everyone know that once your website goes live it won't ever be updated again)

  • Jason Winningham -- .dot (how many dots at the end?)

  • Steve Martinelli -- .fubar - (Once .gov is too full.

  • Herbert Calhoun -- .dead (a very stable domain, but growing)

    .scox (former SCO customer).pol (home of politically motivated propiganda)

  • Bill Hellar -- .dash (bring back morse code)

  • Ken Graham -- .nigerianoilministerswithcash (because there is one born every minute...)

  • Kris Prewett -- .what (for when you're not sure about the site address... or the internet itself)

  • Mike Harris -- .dotcom (from the department of redundancy department)

    .noway (even you can't believe what your site claims).yesway (head off disbelievers at the pass).surf (mostly left coast, where surfers surf for surfing stuff).cash (unknown if making or burning).jail (for wired inmates)

  • Darryl Howard -- .bs (reserved for political sites).hole (download site for Microsoft security patches)

  • Alan Miron -- .spyware (When privacy isn't an issue!)

  • John Wiley -- .geek Home to all things computer related.spam So we can simplify the mail filters!.microsoft They've got everything else, why not a root domain!

  • Erik Dauplaise -- .MSS (designated for servers running MS products - easier to hack).spam (mail domain).viagra, .v1agra, .v(i)agra, .v-i-a-g-r-a, etc (well, you know)

    .ICANN (but you can't).%@#!$&*^ (for sites like TheComplaintStation or AOLSucks)

  • Sam Farris -- .crap4sale -- Ebay and other auction sites.

  • Dave Baldwin -- SCAM. It won't prevent the stupidity of "victims", but it would give the scammers an opportunity to be honest about what they do.

  • Oscar Ramirez -- .EXE (enough already with .COM)

  • Bob Vandenberg -- .lie for all sales for all mens sites..geek for all IT centric sites..Dot for lists of all other sites

  • Edward Palmateer -- .phish (register once and these sites'll take it[you]from there).illgl (best not to come here at all...)

    .sick (deposit your .docs here).ill (best place to find a .doc)

  • s -- .slez -- originally intended to isolate all porn sites; however, too many bogus ISP offerings and book-cooking financial firms tried to register.

  • Joseph T. Jackson -- .bomb - For Internet-only start-ups. It automatically converts to .com after a year of profitability.

  • Joseph T. Jackson -- .larry - You want to get bought by Oracle, you're just not sure how to get Mr. Ellison's attention.

  • Jeff Madre -- .null (I can't find my hosts!)

    .www (For mirrored servers)

  • GREGORY MAMAYEK -- .wak @ da mafia.sob @ lawyers: crying over case, aka liars.(|) @ jackasses..--> @ directions

  • Aaron Hubbard -- .geek (personal webpage domain)

  • Cecile Brown -- .smut (at least you know what you're getting yourself into)

  • John LaBella -- .scruu for lawyers or malcontents (hint read it out slowly).pxydst for Disney related domains.4gtn for those web sites created and never used..chad only for 2000 election result sites.nxtyr for sports fans of non winning clubs

  • Dan Kwitchen -- .janet (when you just can't stop thinking about her boo boo)

  • Eric Wong -- .dot - to confuse the timid user even more.truth - Microsoft might want this one (see - Use your imagination

  • Dave Finkel -- .mars (the home of out of this world cheap outsourcing.)

  • Mitchell Gauthier -- .crakd (it's not just for plumbers anymore)

  • Gregory Pleau -- .femail - email for women.icannot - as in ICANNot get Verisign to behave..localdomain - domain for Outlook worm scripts.ddos - restrict DDoS attacks to this domain.sco - didn't want to get sued.squatter - a place for domain squatters to register things like coca-cola and microsoft without getting sued

  • Tim Jackson -- .dotdot - for the websites that have everything but the virtual kitchen sink

  • jeff meadows -- .sue (for all the ambulance chasers out there looking for a big settlement)

  • jeff meadows -- .scam (This should be on any URL found in a piece of SPAM)

  • David S. Mohrman -- .daryl (every time it comes up in your browser's address bar you get a pop-up from SCO's legal department asking for royalties.)

  • Johnnie Ray -- .vir (when you want to get all your virus infections out of the way at once)

  • Johnnie Ray -- .icant (THE domain for the pessimist)

  • Bob Mariotti -- .con (required TLD for convicted hackers).sh.. (all crappy web sites must use this tld).dbr (don't bother responding - used by spammers when they know they will never respond to any requests)

  • Gary Sheets -- .irs ( hertz so good)

  • Gregory Pleau -- .419 - new country TLD for Nigeria

  • ken gunselman -- .rel (for churches and religious entities)

  • Scott Hippauf -- .sex (at least it will make porn easier to block not to mention find)

  • Barry T. Drake -- .jpg.vbs -- Share the love(letter).

  • Danny Samson -- .offline for webpages viewable while disconnected!

  • Howard Barker -- .corn - really bad porn sites

  • Fergy Ferguson -- .gay - For those whom are happy..dam - For those whom don't give a - So you can always e-mail @ her personal site

  • Greg Harshenin -- .WOMD (never existed, and won't exist in cyberspace either)

  • Hector Fernandez -- .duh (Do you need an explanation?)

  • MegaHertz -- .bum for slacker sites

  • Kerry Crouse -- *.wimp (can't say, I'm too afraid)

  • Jesse Benton -- .adv (Required for Advertisement Sites).prn (Porn Sites).lie (For Political Sites)

    .doc (For Medical Sites or maybe Looney Tone Cartoon Sites).cdr (For CD Recorder - like ISO, BIN for pirate software).itw (For IT Whore - use your imagination).cry (For IT admins support groups).win (For the windows people).grz (For the linux people).lin (For linux people).bug (For the windows IT people).fix (For windows patches & updates)

    .fry (For hardware issues).pms (Womens Sites).nag (Wife Sites)

  • GREGORY MAMAYEK -- .enuf @ fed up w/ BS.moo @ public transportation web site.jam @ music.choc @ chocolate lovers

  • Mark Martin -- .rep for Republicans

    .dem for Democrats.loser for Green Party

  • Robby Ambler -- .NOT (for all those Microsoft technologies that don't make the cut...remember Bob?)

  • Scott Mathemeier -- .BAT - for all those Batman, Batgirl and Batmite fanboys.TUX - a domain for all that is "Tux the Penguin".TNA - your choice: Spike TV/Pay-per-view Wrestling or Jenna Jameson (or combine the two and make it Mud/Jello Wrestling).SCO - A domain for companies to exchange litigation strategies

  • Mark Martin -- .dos (the non-graphical OS domain)

  • Bob Slater -- .HUH (for the terminally clueless AND politicians)

  • Eric Billington -- .why (for all those who just know, or really just need to know).rant (for those who love to well.... rant)

  • Dan Wagner -- *.DUH (for those pesky AOL types)

  • William Riegger -- .dah - for the totally clueless..H2O - for off shore accounts.

  • J.W. Breeden -- .ms - all sites owned by microsoft required to be - dotdot? it would confuse too many.when - calendar sites

  • Justin Wagner -- .fu2 for the mean spirited blogs

  • John Miller -- .HAM (TLD for humor and mock sites)

  • Matthew Crawford -- .unknown (just because)

  • Calvin Henderson -- .bomb for all the companies that for all the movies that are .com.vegan for all the vegan's who fight to be separate

  • Doug Porter -- JRK - for individuals (usually male) that should be identified as "Jerkasaurus Rex" for the benefit of humanity (usually women).

  • Don Harper -- .ICANT Because, they cannot.

  • Adam Nowojczyk -- .SPAM (that just keeps it simple, doesn't it)

  • Tim Callahan -- .unorg (for former large organizations that have become bankrupt un-organizations)

  • Bill Gates -- .wtf (for Windows Support Sites)

  • Jim MacLachlan -- .vpg (vanity page, sure to be out dated).dll (Damn Lucky to Locate).ass (required if there is political content)Think you've seen enough stupid things on the Web over the years to write a book? Well, you're too old. A 17-year-old high school student from Illinois recently published a definitive tome called 505 Unbelievably Stupid Web Pages, and the young whippersnapper has sold more than 10,000 copies through publisher Sourcebooks. A sampling:

    » There are some who believe penguins are threatening to take over the world.

    » A site for the prevention of shopping cart abuse.

    » The Church of Shatnerology--for those who worship the starship captain turned police officer turned Priceline pitchman.

    » See which cheese slice explodes first on a grill.» Loaded with pictures of people sporting a mullet haircut.

    » The Louvre can't hold a candle to the Museum of Burnt Food.

    There's nothing like a custom 404 error to turn a frown upside down when the blue screen of death appears. We shared our favorite in a previous issue (see ID# 1412lastmile).

    Now it's your turn. Send us your ideas for a geeky 404 error message, and we'll take the absolute best (and safe for work) message and display it on our NETWORK COMPUTING Web site for two weeks--or until someone makes us take it down.

    Go to check out more of our favorites for inspiration.

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