PeopleSoft and IM: The Odd Couple

Maintaining IM and ERP separately can keep your options open.

March 31, 2003

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PeopleSoft said it will support instant messaging (IM) in the newest version of its portal product to streamline communications among ERP users.

Other ERP vendors have made similar announcements, but why? Don't get me wrong. Since the implementation of corporate-level IM, real-time communication has proven invaluable to extended, geographically dispersed enterprises.

However, maintaining IM and ERP separately can keep your options open. Unless there is a compelling reason to use bundled versions of such products, a more common, independent IM product will give you more choices for upgrades and enhancements to your IT messaging services.

ERP systems have been a boon for many industries over the years. But it is no secret that the growth of the ERP market has slowed to a crawl and smaller, more nimble software developers have started nipping away at the heals of large ERP vendors. I do not see the direct benefit of merging IM into ERP software, as PeopleSoft claims.

My advice: Implement corporate IM separately. Look into secure IM over the Internet (FaceTime and Magi are good places to start looking for ways to secure IM traffic). Shop around and find the best IM product for your needs and implement it in a way that will benefit all of your corporate users and applications.Post a comment or question on this story.

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