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HP wins legal victory - will Mark Hurd be buying the drinks?

January 27, 2007

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11:25 AM -- Some more good news for HP CEO Mark Hurd. The exec, who pocketed a sweet $8.6 million bonus last year after steering HP through the turmoil of its "pretexting" scandal, has got one less thing to worry about this morning. (See Well Played, Mr. Hurd, Paranoia in Palo Alto, and Drip, Drip, Drip.)

A judge has reportedly thrown out a suit charging that HP paid off a former Dell exec to learn about its competitor's plans in the printer market.

There are no doubt some seriously glum faces in California law firms this morning.

But the last thing HP needs is more time in court, particularly after the last year's courtroom and media circus. (See HP's Penance Pondered and HP Reaches Resolution.)

At least Hurd can now focus his energies on getting the vendor's storage business back on track. (See HP Reshuffles More Software, HP Creates New Biz Unit, HP's New Unit Meant to Spur Storage, and HP Forms New Unit.)That is, after all, why he earns the big bucks.

James Rogers, Senior Editor Byte and Switch

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