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Do you podcast? Here at Network Computing, more and more of our editors have caught the bug. Today, we give you a tour of our newest podcasts -- covering areas

February 9, 2006

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So how do you consume your tech news and analysis these days? Chances are you still read print publications, right? And stay up to date and do research online? How about podcasting? Have you swallowed the podcasting pill yet?

If you have -- or even if you haven't yet, but are curious -- I wanted to point you to the growing number of podcasts we now make available on NWC.com, and across our sister sites.

For the uninitiated, podcasts are (usually) short "radio-like" shows that can either be listened to right at your computer or downloaded (with the help of a companion RSS feed) and consumed off-line in an iPod or other MP3 player. Thus the term, "podcast."

There are all types of podcasts available today, as well as a bevy of podcast tools and listing services. We think we have some podcasts you'll like as well, including:

NWC Podcasts -

Here you'll find podcasts from the editors at NetworkComputing and some of our sister publications, including:

• New to the scene, but a great listen is the new IT Architect podcasts by David Greenfield. David has a new series of podcasts on "identity intelligence" live right now that include interviews with experts from the Burton Group, Novell, CA and more.• Finally, don't miss CMP's repository for all things podcast, Podcast Central, where you'll find podcasts from editors at InformationWeek, TechWeb's The News Show, Dr. Dobbs and more.

We think podcasts are a great new way to connect with our audience. We'd love to know what you think. As always, drop me a line at [email protected] or please, take our online poll below. We'll share the results in a coming edition of the Daily Spin.

NWC's Take on the News

Here's what we think of today's breaking news. Read the story and leave your own comment. Let's see if we agree ; >

Firefox Exploit Emerges An exploit that takes advantage of a recently-patched bug in Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox browser has gone public.

NWC's Take:Bug called "critical," but fix should be handled by auto-update features in Firefox 1.5. If you are using the latest version of the browser, it's worth checking for the update manually as well.

Does Mac Have Potential For Hacker Attacks? The Apple Macintosh enjoys a reputation as one of the more secure systems out there, but the recent discovery of vulnerabilities in two of Apple's most popular applications serves as a reminder that no Internet user is immune to attacks.

NWC's Take:Earlier this week, we posted a story about increasing Linux-centric attacks. Above, we see a flaw in Firefox. Now the Mac. The moral to the story: attacks are no longer about Windows, IIS and Internet Explorer anymore -- if they ever were.

DEMO Gets An Earful Of VoIP Add-Ons Add-ons such to the standard offerings of Skype, Vonage, and other voice providers are designed to make VoIP irresistible.NWC's Take:

VoIP continues to move into the mainstream as providers cut costs and offer new features like voice/data integration.

Borland Snaps Up Segue Software For $100 million Borland also said it is seeking a buyer for its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) business.

NWC's Take:The bigger news is that the long-time tools vendor says it's looking for a buyer for its entire IDE business.

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