Look to the Sky for UC Backup

Four reasons to consider including satellite communications in your disaster preparedness plan.

Gary Audin

November 18, 2019

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Look to the Sky for UC Backup
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If your company experiences a total network failure and your unified communications system goes down — no phones, IM, email — are you prepared? An external communications capability like a cellular network could help, but as we saw years ago with Hurricane Sandy, that’s not a guaranteed availability. If you haven’t already, perhaps it’s time to consider an external network service using satellite communications.

Your communications disaster preparedness plan will vary by geography, region, local economic development, and the sophistication of first responders. The plan should include local and national government, first responders, service providers, and network operators.

The starting point is investing in a robust network that can withstand the most severe disasters and be restored rapidly. Relying on just one network (for example cell service) to respond to a disaster isn’t a good idea. The enterprise should work with redundant networks so if one network is out of service by a disaster, a satellite or other back-up network may survive.

No network is impervious to severe disasters. Tsunamis, tornados, severe earthquakes, and floods can destroy communications networks. Satellite communications networks offer four advantages over earth-based networks in times of disaster.

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Gary Audin

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