Kroll Launches IT Media Disposal

Kroll Ontrack goes green with a new IT media disposal program

May 14, 2008

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery and legal technologies products and services, today announced a new media disposal program to help businesses and individuals safely dispose of their end-of-lifecycle hard drives in an environmentally conscious way. This fast, secure and convenient erasure and disposal service allows organizations and individuals to protect one of their most important assets – their data.

Kroll Ontrack’s media disposal program is comprised of two steps: Data Erasing Solutions: Kroll Ontrack offers two solutions that completely remove all traces of information stored on storage media and a verification service that ensures no traces of information can be recovered from the media following an erasure procedure.

  • Ontrack Eraser software: An easy-to-use, highly flexible data erasure software tool, Ontrack® Eraser, uses overwriting procedures to permanently remove data and meet the most stringent standards for data removal.

  • Ontrack Eraser services: A convenient, end-of-lifecycle service performed by Kroll Ontrack specialists that offers complete removal of your data using a “degausser,” a hardware device that destroys data using strong magnetic fields.

Media Disposal Services: Kroll Ontrack’s environmentally friendly media disposal service ensures certain media is disposed of in a method that protects both the owner of the stored data and the environment. Technicians dismantle the devices removing good parts for re-use prior to disposal of the storage media. All other hard drive and storage device components are turned over to Kroll Ontrack’s recycling vendor that separates materials such as metals, circuit boards, copper wiring and aluminum into different commodities that are recycled and re-used for other products. Any left over materials are discarded in a manner that ensures no materials are deposited in landfills or incinerators. Specifically, they are disassembled using an optimal mix of physical and mechanical demanufacturing techniques to separate out hazardous materials from recyclable components.

“With this service, customers now have a convenient means to make sure their media does not fall into the wrong hands and is disposed of in a method that will not harm the environment,” said Jim Reinert, vice president of software and services, Kroll Ontrack. “This is especially critical as both businesses and home users are looking for a safe and easy way to get rid of their mounting end-of-lifecycle machines.”Kroll Ontrack Inc.

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