Kazeon Extends E-Discovery

Kazeon extends e-discovery collection, processing, and analysis with legal hold and laptop/desktop product

August 26, 2008

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Kazeon Systems, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent eDiscovery solutions, today announced the availability of Version 3.1 of its award-winning Information Server IS1200-ECS. The new version introduces a new in-place legal hold, KazHold and a new agent-less product for in-place analysis of and collection from laptops/desktops. These new products and functionality are key enhancements in helping organizations streamline their collection, analysis and processing for proactive and reactive eDiscovery processes and ensure that they discover all relevant and necessary information for any litigation related activity. These new capabilities provide extensive defensibility and audit ability for eDiscovery by ensuring no spoliation of data and no modifications to metadata attributes of files and emails, while saving significantly on network bandwidth and cost during the process of collection, processing and analysis. With Version 3.1 of its Information Server IS1200-ECS Kazeon continues to set the standard in addressing the most sophisticated eDiscovery requirements of organizations worldwide. The IS1200-ECS is now being used by hundreds of corporations worldwide, and has more than 50 billion documents and 3000 Terabytes under direct management.

Enterprises managing eDiscovery need to set specific processes around the discovery and use of their Electronically Stored Information (ESI), as well as the ability to perform early case assessment and detailed In-place searches, processing and analytics across distributed networks. The new KazHold™ and agent-less laptop/desktop product provides exhaustive, efficient and cost-effective capabilities that give legal departments as well as IT staff a comprehensive, easily controlled and centrally managed eDiscovery process. Kazeon is setting a new standard for central and remote management by scaling discovery across hundreds and thousands of systems without installing agents. This takes away the risk of agents being turned off for many reasons. Through the laptop/desktop product, Kazeon greatly improves eDiscovery for early case assessments and proactive eDiscovery for remote devices over corporate IP networks, VPN networks, and wireless or wired networks. With Kazeon's solution customers can avoid difficult installation and management, and the possibility of faulty and incomplete analysis and collections.

KazHold™ provides two ways of retaining potentially material evidence or general case matter: in-place legal hold and target legal hold in secure repositories. In-place KazHold™ provides a process to securely retain original data in original source location instantaneously thereby allowing customers to provide automated process to ensure data is not destroyed, deleted or modified. This creates a new standard and best efforts to retain and control potentially material litigation data while creating detailed audit and verification process and logs capabilities. KazHold™ in target secure repositories identifies and migrates relevant information to safe vaults like Symantec's EnterpriseVault, ECM repositories and works with WORM systems such as NetApp, EMC and Data Domain for retention management. Through these features, enterprises are now enabled with forensically sound legal hold and freed from the burden of collecting non-material information across WANs, while making the task of collection, processing and analysis more targeted.

“There can be no questions about the sanctity of information for eDiscovery and Kazeon's new KazHold™ and laptop/desktop products guarantees that data is properly analyzed and collected for proactive and reactive eDiscovery,” said Karthik Kannan, VP of marketing and business development, Kazeon. “By centralizing management in an agent-less and inexpensive system, Kazeon has created a scalable enterprise solution for laptops and desktops that are typically hard to manage remotely. This information often contains a great deal of liability data that legal departments need to collect, analyze and put legal holds on,” said Kannan.

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