IT Teams Of The Future: Roles & Responsibilities

IT jobs are changing fast. Future success will require skills in areas such as data security, data management, and communication

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November 10, 2015

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Few industries evolve at the rate of technology’s seemingly breakneck pace. Whereas, one day it was wireless networking, today cloud computing is all the rage. As a result, the IT pros tasked with helping their organizations make the transitions to new technology must be able to learn and adapt on the fly.

With all this change comes new job roles and responsibilities. In fact, some IT positions are going way of the dodo bird. It’s paramount that IT pros always look ahead. So what does the IT team of the future look like?

Here at CBT Nuggets, we put together the following infographic (see below) that explores the keys to being a successful IT team and the roles team members need to play to ensure success in the coming years. Here are several examples:


What they do: Eliminate communication gaps between tech and end users

Why they are important: Help make complex or confusing jargon more understandable


What they do: Streamline communications across organizations

Why they are important: Play a major role in establishing and building relationships, both in person and online

Collaboration Wizards

What they do: Foster connectivity within organizations that rely on remote workers, contractors, etc.

Why they are important: Their work helps ensure their organization’s infrastructure remains vibrant despite its workforce being spread out across different locations and continents

Digital Leaders

What they do: Represent the IT department’s interests in executive meetings

Why they are important: They help ensure that organizations are prepared technology-wise moving forward

Data Wranglers

What they do: Store, manage, and retrieve data for end users and organizations

Why they are important: There’s so much data, and in addition to someone to maintain it all, companies need people who can help make sense of all that data

Data Guardians

What they do: Establish security protocols and safeguards

Why they are important: More data means an increased risk of a security breach; someone’s got to keep watch

Figure 1:

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