Internet Explorer Vs. Firefox: The Battle Heats Up

As Mozilla and Microsoft toss major new releases of their browsers out to the public, we help you keep track of their ups and downs through our features, reviews, and

October 25, 2006

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The two competitors enter the ring. The crowd is hushed. The referee goes over the rules -- oops, sorry, there are no rules. The bell rings and the two combatants -- Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7 -- begin their battle for the hearts and minds of the Web browsing public.

IE Vs. Firefox

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Okay, the whole boxing match thing is pretty much a cliche. But how can you resist when you're talking about such two obvious combatants as Firefox and IE? It's hardly a secret that this pair of browsers is in nose-to-nose competition -- and neither is going to give an inch. And while there are a few other contenders out there (check out Browser Wars: The Saga Continues), these are the two that everyone is watching.

For a while, Firefox looked like it could actually make a major dent in what almost amounted to a Microsoft monopoly -- its innovative (although not original) tabbed browsing, straightforward interface, and its vast library of extensions (offering users the opportunity to configure their browsers exactly the way they liked it) made Firefox the Web equivalent of a folk hero. Perhaps because of this achievement, the much heralded version 2.0 offers a few major tweaks, but on the whole, doesn't mess with success.

And while Mozilla's Firefox has garnered a great deal of popular fanfare and a loyal coterie of followers, Microsoft's IE7 shows that it still hasn't thrown in the towel. Not only is Internet Explorer still the chosen browser for most businesses, but Redmond's programmers seem to have taken a hint from their rival's popularity and added a number of clever -- if not innovative -- features.

IE7 now has tabbing, improved security, better RSS functionality, a bright new interface, and an upgraded search. It still doesn't offer extensions and similar add-ons, but it does offer smooth integration with all of Microsoft's other products -- which is a very important feature as far as businesses are concerned. (It also has the advantage of being an automatic upgrade -- unless they block it, most IE6 users are going to become IE7 users whether they planned to or not.)

We've been covering the clash of these two titans for some time now. So, for those who want to follow the ongoing battle, we've compiled an ongoing listing of reviews, features, and blog posts examining how these two browsers have been developed, changed, hyped, and released.


Aug 25, 2006
Review: What's New In Internet Explorer 7 RC1
Microsoft has released IE7 Release Candidate 1 to public scrutiny. It offers several interesting tweaks but no major changes.
By Preston Gralla

IE Vs. Firefox

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Jul 17, 2006
Review: Firefox 2 Takes On IE7
The beta of Firefox's next version doesn't have any radical changes, but it does include a few nifty tweaks. Can it continue to challenge IE?
By Preston Gralla

June 19, 2006
The 15 Best Firefox Extensions For CollaborationWho says Firefox only has to be about Web browsing? Here are the extensions that will transform Firefox into a fuel-injected collaboration engine.
By David Greenfield

Apr 26, 2006

IE7 For XP Beta 2: Has Firefox Met Its Match?
The new public release of Internet Explorer Beta 2 is, according to Microsoft, more stable and ready to be used. But is it ready to go up against Firefox?
By Ed Bott

February 09, 2006
IE7 Vs. Everyone ElseFour tech experts battle over which is the best browser -- Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera, or Maxthon. We take you on a visual tour of each, then let you make the call.
By Ed Bott, Scot Finnie, Dennis Fowler, and Ron WhiteFEATURES

October 20, 2006
Businesses Embracing Firefox As The Other BrowserThe number of businesses allowing employees to download the Firefox Web browser soared this year, and at least one analyst believes the recently released Internet Explorer 7 could boost use of Firefox in companies.
By Antone Gonsalves

IE Vs. Firefox

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Oct 17, 2006
Firefox Co-Creator On The Browser's Future, And More
Blake Ross explores the challenges ahead for browser users, like the need to better manage the multiple sites they access at once.
By J. Nicholas Hoover

Oct 16, 2006
IE7 Vs. Firefox 2.0: Why This Browser Battle Matters To Businesses
At last, Microsoft is back in the ring. And Firefox is making a tougher case for companies to let it on their desktops.
By J. Nicholas Hoover

8 Internet Explorer, Firefox Features That Matter Most To Businesses
Remote management, tabbed browsing, enhanced security, and other new capabilities make upcoming versions of the two leading Web browsers sweeter to enterprises.


Oct 20, 2006
The Internet Explorer 7 Glass Is Definitely Half Empty
The news that Microsoft has finally released a newer, perhaps less risky version of Internet Explorer should bring a song to my lips and a spring to my step. But my heart is heavy. Why? Because of the nine PCs within my reach, only two will run the newer, safer IE.
By David DeJean

IE Vs. Firefox

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Oct 16, 2006
Firefox 2.0: You'll Like It If It's The Kind Of Thing You LikeBecause there are no big new capabilities, I don't think the new version will win Firefox much new market share.
By Mitch Wagner

Oct 10, 2006
If Firefox Is Actually Gaining On Internet Explorer, Automatic Update Will Fix ItMaybe it's because we all love an underdog. But is Firefox's reputation as a giant killer deserved, or wishful thinking?
By David DeJean

Sep 18, 2006
You're Safer With IE 7, Promises Microsoft...And Here's The ProofThe most recent bungle in Internet Explorer doesn't affect the still-under-construction IE 7, Microsoft has been quick to say. That's good to hear, since most of us will get a copy of IE 7 shoved on us before the end of the year.
By Gregg Keizer

Jul 27, 2006
IE 7...Security Update?A "couple of weeks" after it's posted IE 7 for Windows XP to its download site, Microsoft will start pushing out the browser via Automatic Updates. It's justifying the move by claiming that IE 7 is, in essence, a security update.
By Gregg Keizer

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