Internap Brings New Look to Route Optimization

Flow Control Program 3.3 makes it possible to optimize routes by application.

May 21, 2004

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Previous versions of FCP could optimize the costs of Internet links by ensuring that data stayed within predefined, low-cost bandwidth limits while meeting minimum performance requirements. FCP 3.3 adds new dimensions to these decision algorithms: The new technology makes it possible to route latency-insensitive data, such as e-mail, over low-cost, low-performing links while freeing up bandwidth for latency-sensitive data such as voice over IP. Internap's FCP upgrade--the first major release since the vendor acquired the technology by buying netVmg last year--can also provide route optimization based on users or user groups.

Route optimization empowers end users by letting them route their data across the fastest or lowest-cost links offered by ISPs, minute by minute. FCP 3.3 now makes it possible to optimize routes by application. This brings enterprises a step closer to getting QoS across the Internet, even though ISPs can't guarantee service quality across their disparate networks.

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