How To Secure WLANs: A Visual Overview

Secure wireless networks don't just happen--users and IT pros have to make it happen. But what goes into making a wireless network secure? Here's a look some essential steps for locking down wireless communications, including advice for road warriors, small business owners and WLAN administrators running large networks.

Lee Badman

March 26, 2013

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Use Strong Passphrases for SOHO WLANs

Home and café-style WLANs typically use simple WPA or WPA2 encryption based on a pre-shared key or passphrase. The passphrase is assigned when the wireless network is created, and has to be communicated to each user. As with any network password, longer and more complex passwords are typically considered more secure.

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Lee Badman

Wireless Network Architect

Lee is a Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE #200) and Wireless Network Architect for a large private university. He has also taught classes on networking, wireless network administration, and wireless security. Lee's technical background includes 10 years in the US Air Force as an Electronic Warfare systems journeyman technician and Master Technical Training Instructor, and a stint in telecommunications in the private sector. Lee is an active Extra Class amateur radio operator (KI2K), and has a wide range of technical hobbies. He has helped organize and has presented at several higher education and industry conferences, and has done extensive freelance writing work for a number of IT, low voltage, and communications periodicals. Follow him on Twitter at @wirednot, and read his personal blog at

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