Head: Software Vendor, Fix Thyself

Trend Micro's new antivirus update crashed thousands of PCs, demonstrating the need for testing.

May 6, 2005

1 Min Read
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But this time, the update contained a faulty pattern file that sucked up all the processor cycles in Windows XP SP2 and caused the affected PCs to crash. Japanese IT managers traced the problem back to the Trend Micro software, and the vendor pulled the updates after about 90 minutes. But the damage had been done: Hundreds of IT staffers across the country worked the weekend to fix the thousands of damaged machines.

With so many good technologies available for software testing, packaging and distribution, such a blunder is unforgivable. Trend Micro should not only make restitution to its customers for their lost time, it also should eat crow for failing to meet its primary objective: keeping its customers' PCs up and running.

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