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AppForge MobileVB 4.0; ContentKeeper Technologies CK-1035-SME and CK-2040-LE; and more.

November 7, 2003

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AppForge MobileVB 4.0
The latest iteration of MobileVB, the handheld development tool from AppForge, supports Palm OS 5 and Series 60 devices, including the Palm Tungsten, Sony Clie, and Nokia's 3650, 7500, and 6600 handhelds. MobileVB, a compilation of all editions of AppForge's Professional Edition Combo Pack, can be used to create and distribute cross-platform applications from most wireless devices, including smartphones. $899. AppForge, (678) 686-9000. www.appforge.com

ContentKeeper Technologies

CK-1035-SME and CK-2040-LE ContentKeeper Technologies has added two new Internet content-filtering appliances to its product line. The two devices, the CK-1035-SME and CK-2040-LE, filter approximately 5,000 and 50,000 browsing clients, respectively. Their load-balancing capabilities provide support for transparent content filtering at gigabit trunk/backbone speeds. The devices act as transparent Ethernet bridges and can be inserted into any TCP/IP network to provide management facilities and enforce your company's acceptable-use policies. ContentKeeper's Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering feature provides hourly database updates. SME: $2,950; LE: $5,450, plus filtering license. ContentKeeper Technologies, (732) 870-0800. www.contentkeeper.com

Radiant Logic RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server 3.0
The huge tasks of identity management and data integration have been made easier with Radiant Logic's RadiantOne 3.0 infrastructure tool for corporatewide directory integration. Its features include virtualization and synchronization of directory services to integrate the disparate identity and access sources in corporate directories, databases and applications. RadiantOne 3.0 uses proprietary virtual-directory technology to combine directory storage, LDAP routing and load balancing, synchronization services, and tools for identity-infrastructure planning, design and simulation. Starts at $50,000. Radiant Logic, (877) 727-6442, (415) 209-6800. www.radiantlogic.com

SMC Networks SMC2870W
SMC Networks has introduced the SMC2870W 802.11g, a wireless multimode adapter that installs and communicates without drivers. The adapter can function as a wireless access point for 802.11g and b devices. Through its support for Wireless Distribution System (WDS), the SMC2870W also can function as a repeater, extending the range of a wireless 2.4-GHz network in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configuration. Additionally, the adapter can connect to almost any Ethernet device in a wireless network. $129.99. SMC Networks, (800) SMC-4YOU, (949) 679-8000. www.smc.com

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