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This edition: Top 11 signs your co-worker is on the Google IPO "friends list"; IT truisms and witness the FileMatrix.

September 10, 2004

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Special thanks to Robby Ambler, Matthew Bedford, Michael A. Breton, Steven Grafing, Gary Hoke, Eric Kollar, John Patrick, Ozh Richard, Mark Sullivan, Doug Whitaker and Jason Williams for their submissions.

We've all heard those truisms like, "If something hasn't broken on your helicopter, it's about to." There are maxims for pilots, police officers, even bakers, who have their own dozen. But there's a startling lack of IT truisms. So, in the interest of enriching the industry, our crack team of witty pontificators (otherwise known as technology editors) penned the following set as a starting point.

  • You are not a true IT professional until you've installed Windows 95 via floppy.

  • "iSCSI" is just what it sounds like.

  • Never ever start a flame war with someone who goes by the handle Phiber Optik.

  • There's always one less U in a 42U server rack than 42.

    Do you know any particularly pithy IT maxims? Send them our way, and we'll publish them in print and online.

    If you think your cutesy Windows XP candy-UI is more confusing than useful, rest assured that things could be worse. Witness the FileMatrix, a file explorer built by someone who spent too much time on the project. Frankly, we're not sure which is worse: that it includes a "hint bar" with "hints for controls over which the mouse is moved" or that the file system being inspected in this promo shot contains directories for reflexology and sex education.

    Drink in the detail of this über-über UI below.

    Thanks to everyone who played our IT Logo game last month. We received an overwhelming number of responses. You can check out our winners and associated stats online. And of course, you're welcome to play our game and receive instant feedback on your performance.

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