Google Developing Broadband Analysis Tools

The Register

Jake Widman

June 13, 2008

1 Min Read
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Google plans to provide tools to let individual users of broadband services analyze how their providers are managing traffic, so they can object to traffic discrimination if they find it.Speaking at a panel discussion of net neutrality issues, Google senior policy director Richard Whitt said that neutral networks were vital to innovation and that individual network users should make their views known on the subject. "If the broadband providers aren?t going to tell you exactly what?s happening on their networks," Whitt said, "we want to give users the power to find out for themselves....We're trying to develop software tools...that allow people to detect what's happening with their broadband connections, so they can let [ISPs] know that they're not happy with what they're getting -- that they think certain services are being tampered with."

Whitt wouldn?t say when these tools would be available ? or how they will operate.The Register

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