Geek-O-Meter Test

Take our interactive exam to determine if you spend too much time helping friends and family solve their computer woes.

November 18, 2004

2 Min Read
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1. You just scored a hot date, but you had promised Mom you'd install a wireless access point for her so she can surf from the living room on her laptop. You would:

  • Call Mom and postpone the WAP installation

  • Quickly take care of Mom and try not to be too late for your date

  • Cancel your date and geek out at Mom's this evening

2. Your dad asked you to get rid of those weird pop-ups, so you're off to install your favorite anti-hijacking software on his PC. With your luck,

  • All will go well and you'll be drinking a couple of beers and watching the game in no time

  • You'll wrestle with it and finally get it working in the wee hours

  • After a couple of hours, his registry will die because of a bad spot on the hard drive, and you'll end up rebuilding the system most of the night

3. Your best friend is starting her own business and wants you to help her set up an accounting application. You:

  • Install Quicken and be done with it

  • Turn out something quick and dirty in Access

  • Write a fault-tolerant accounting system using multiple database servers and XML accelerators

4. Your son's medical practice is growing and opening a second location. He needs advice about how to link his two sites. You:

  • Set him up with a VPN over DSL

  • Deploy WAN acceleration units in conjunction with frame relay lines

  • Collocate a long-range Ethernet unit at the C.O. that services both locations, or apply for permits with the city and the Department of Transportation, rent a Ditch Witch and lay optical fiber between the locations

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