Enterprise Firewall Checklist

Firewalls are a key component for network security. Find out what features to look for when shopping for your next enterprise firewall.

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A firewall is an important part of any network security system, whether hardware or software based. It filters network traffic based on a set of rules in order to protect the network from malicious attacks. Today's rapidly evolving threat environment, however, requires that organizations move beyond the traditional model for firewalls and revisit perimeter security architecture.

A growing number of threats stem from web-based applications and services that penetrate corporate networks. This means enterprises must consider these kinds of security threats, both known and unknown, when selecting an enterprise network security platform.

Enterprises and service providers are deploying next-generation firewalls at an ever-increasing pace in order to control applications and block emerging threats. Next-generation firewalls have been designed with an enterprise focus, including advanced features like intrusion prevention, application-level inspection, and granular policy control.

When it comes to selecting a firewall to secure an enterprise system, IT professionals struggle to truly integrate granular security functions without compromising the effectiveness and efficiency of the firewall. Continue on to learn about key features to look for when  choosing an enterprise firewall for the modern era.

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