Editor's List: What's Hot and Not in 2004?

NWC editors offer their thoughts on what technologies, people and companies they think will be both "hot" and "not" commodities in 2004.

January 10, 2004

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Fritz Nelson, Group President and Publisher

  • Hot: graphical keyboards on handhelds

  • Not: graffiti

  • Hot: vendor user conferences

  • Not: big trade shows with dancing parrots

  • Hot: friendster.com

  • Not: blind dates

  • Hot: IM sex

  • Not: phone sex

  • Hot: utility computing

  • Not: distributed applications

Michael J. DeMaria, Associate Technology Editor

  • Hot: Legal litigation. Monetary inflation is down, but lawyer inflation is up.

  • Not: SCO Jokes. They'll be overplayed and worn out in 3 months max.

Sean Doherty, Technology Editor

  • Hot: Videoconferencing over IP, but it doesn't come with extra bandwidth.

  • Not: Digital Convergence. [Options] "Are we there yet?"; "Wake me up when it's over"; "Play it again, Sam."

Peter Morrissey, Contributing Technology Editor

  • Hot: Open, SIP enabled phone systems and the rich applications that they enable.

  • Not: Locking into VoIP technology masquerading as open, but more proprietary than the legacy phone systems that it replaces.

  • Hot: Residential VoIP and Cell phones.

  • Not: Residential legacy phones.

  • Hot: SIP based enterprise messaging.

  • Not: Proprietary enterprise messaging.

Lori MacVittie, Technology Editor

  • Hot: Everything on a USB stick. The more you wear around your neck, the higher the geek factor.

  • Not: Cell phone's with camera's in them. Cause if Joel Conover takes one more picture of me in the lab with his phone I'm going to have to do something mean.

Robert G. Moskowitz, Contributing Editor

  • Hot: ANYTHING WIRELESS! Rooftop mesh networks as people try and talk around the trees.

  • Not: Legislation against open wireless Hotspots -- 'Stop anonymous net access'

  • Hot: Dis-ing security for fun and profit. Any hole you find brings you fame and a few shekels.

  • Not: Spam laws -- Gas for politicians, laughs for spammers

Greg Shipley, Contributing Technology Edito

  • Hot: considering Linux where it makes sense

  • Not: Endless patching

  • Hot: companies that earn real money

  • Not: companies that don't

  • Hot: diversification

  • Not: monopolies

Steven J. Schuchart Jr., Associate Technology Editor

  • Hot: Information Lifecycle Management--But does it sort my laundry too?

  • Not: HSM rebranded as Information Lifecycle Management--Stop with themarketing speak and give customers what they want, not what you have.

Dave Molta, Senior Technology Editor

  • Hot: Smartphones with integrated voice and data capabilities. You'll payhandsomely for this new techno-status symbol, and you will again in ayear or so when it is embarrisingly obsolete.

  • Not: Enterprise adoption of 802.11a. Are we doomed to cram an insatiableappetite for bandwidth into slow-speed legacy 802.11b WLANs?

Bradley F. Shimmin, Director of Internet Operations

  • Hot: The mobile Photo/PDA/PC/GPS/Leatherman/LEDflashlight/phone phone -- But where's the RFID disabling EMP burst mode?

  • Not: Technolitigation -- "Dear Darl, Enough already!"

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