eBay says Store is Closed for Virtual Goods

They say you can't buy something for nothing. Ebay's taking it one step further, saying you can't buy nothing for something -- in this case, online game virtual 'booty.'

February 2, 2007

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eBay is adding something new to its list of items you cannot auction. Besides prohibiting the sale of cigarettes and alcohol, eBay is now banning nothing. That's right, nothing.

Okay, that's a little cryptic. In truth, the folks at eBay are banning the sale of 'virtual goods' -- the kind that people obtain in online computer games like World of Warcraft.

Some folks in these games can actually make a killing, er, living by selling pixilated weapons, armor, weapons and more to other players who want to advance in the virtual worlds without doing all the work. Once a sale has been made, the item -- or its computer code -- is transferred between the two parties.

eBay feels this is too sticky a wicket to involve themselves in. They say that these sales are illegal, but they won't take a supportive stance either.

Here's a stance to take: YOU'RE SPENDING MONEY ON SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T EXIST!!!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!(I say this with all due respect, as a person who has played some of these games)

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