Depublishing Cheapens the Value of Online Content

Recently, some Web site operators have taken to deleting or rewriting Web content that became controversial or was criticized. Online publishers should be required to leave original content on their

July 1, 2005

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This has been a trend at large businesses, too. Some vendors delete user forum postings that are critical of the company or its products. Misleading product brochures and inaccurate press releases sometimes magically disappear.

It's one thing to correct inaccurate data, but unpublishing controversial material is cowardly. Critics and bloggers who respond to the previously published materials are left to debate in a vacuum, as the original document vanishes without a trace. The deletion of criticism from user forums is misleading and deceptive. Online publishers should be held to the same standards as print publishers, or the value of online content will be significantly diminished.

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