CorreLog Offers Message Correlation Server

CorreLog announces the public release of its flagship product, the CorreLog Server

February 7, 2009

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NAPLES, Fla. -- CorreLog, Inc., announces the public release of its flagship product, the "CorreLog Server", which provides high-speed, real-time correlation of message data. Previously, this software has been available only to selected partners of the company. The complete CorreLog system is now accessible for general public download from, for installation on Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, and Vista platforms.

The CorreLog Server performs high speed, real-time correlation of syslog, SNMP trap, and Windows event log messages using a unique "semantic correlation" algorithm. The server then takes specific action on the correlated results, such as by opening trouble tickets, running notification programs, or executing recovery and reporting programs. This permits the system to operate as a stand-alone message aggregator, and also serve as the correlation component in a larger management strategy.

CorreLog uses a variety of exclusive correlation techniques that interpret large numbers of received messages. The software incorporates a high-speed, index-driven search engine as its front end, and employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology as a back end to derive meaning from massive amounts of real-time enterprise data. The interactive search engine permits fast searching of gigabytes of data. The correlation component reduces this enormous amount of data into brief and meaningful incidents.

Correlation of data, particularly with regard to security management, has been an ongoing challenge for organizations, especially in recent years, due to regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, FISMA and HIPAA, all of which have imposed rigorous new demands on IT departments. The CorreLog Server, with its advanced correlation techniques, is intended to satisfy those difficult requirements.

According to Jeff Davison, CTO of CorreLog, Inc: "Correlation is all about interoperability. First, you need to operate with all the critical hardware systems in your enterprise. We provide that in the CorreLog Server, which is an intuitive and standards-based framework. But once you've accomplished that, you quickly see there is a more significant issue, which is how to interoperate effectively with humans. You need to reveal patterns in vast amounts of data in a way that makes sense to people. That is the much bigger problem, and the one that CorreLog is uniquely designed to solve."CorreLog Inc.

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