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Core NAP unveils disaster recovery data solution

October 16, 2008

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Core NAP

  • Core NAP, the most flexible data center solutions provider in Central Texas, today announced the availability of its Disaster Recovery Solution, a reliable, secure business continuity planning (BCP) offering that provides data storage and replication capabilities for a wide range of U.S. companies.

  • Core NAPs Central Texas location, 100 percent power reliability record and superior connectivity make the company an ideal choice for Gulf Coast businesses’ disaster recovery needs.

  • As part of its Disaster Recovery Solution, Core NAP is offering the following services: Remote Storage, Off-Site Server Replication & CDP and Enterprise Disaster Recovery.


  • Disparate storage of data is critical to maintaining business continuity in the event of catastrophic regional disasters. Such crippling blows to key systems prevent delivery of important services to the public or end-consumer, and may have a devastating effect to the profitability and survivability of businesses operating without a BCP solution.

  • Core NAP has invested in the architecture, connectivity, resources and expertise to offer reliable and secure data storage services for SMBs and large enterprises. From remote storage to virtualization, Core NAP provides the optimal business continuity solution for each of its customers depending on their unique business needs.

  • Core NAP’s data center facility is in close proximity to the Gulf Coast while remaining out of harm’s way from hurricanes and other natural disasters, offering easy access to data infrastructure in a safe location.

  • Core NAP offers the flexibility to ensure the optimal contract, access and configuration solution for each customer. The company’s hands-on service approach also provides customers fast deployments and response times for ongoing issues.


  • The Core NAP Data Center Disaster Recovery Solution is comprised of the following services:

    • Remote Storage – Simple remote file storage solutions are available through Core NAP. For clients who utilize batch type transfers, private directory shares are set up to support Sun's NFS for Linux, Solaris, AIX, and UNIX/BSD based systems, as well as Microsoft network shares for Windows Server environments.

    • Off-Site Server Replication & CDP – For businesses requiring high-availability, or “hot-site” replication, Core NAP supports server to remote server replication for mission critical applications, from high-volume web sites to database and messaging services. Continuous Data Protection is provided via a number of proven technology solutions.

    • Enterprise Disaster Recovery – Enterprise organizations with multi-site, multi-application IT services require advanced disaster recovery planning and technologies such as virtualization. Core NAP provides custom engineering, implementation, and monitoring/ support services to enable large-scale business continuity.


  • “This year’s devastating hurricane season has been another sobering reminder for Gulf Coast companies that reliable data storage and easy access to replicated information are crucial to maintaining continuous service,” said Kenneth Smith, president and CEO of Core NAP. “Core NAP offers the security and reliability required for business critical data backup, with the flexibility to customize solutions to fit the evolving requirements of a wide range of companies.”

  • “When we worked with Core NAP to backup our internal systems, their flexibility to accommodate our specific needs and their dedication to deploying our equipment fast were nothing short of phenomenal,” said Genady Vishnevetsky, director of IT Operations and Security for payment card solution provider Paymetric. “Based on our positive experience so far, we look forward to continuing our disaster recovery work with Core NAP.”

    Core NAP

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