Ciprico Debuts DAS Solution

Ciprico debuts RAIDCore-powered, PCIe-based MediaVault DAS solution at IBC 2007

September 7, 2007

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Ciprico, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPCI), a leading provider of intelligent storage software, solutions and appliances, will launch its new PCI Express (PCIe) based MediaVault MV5100 series at IBC 2007 in Amsterdam from September 7 to 11. The rack-mountable MV5100 is the first in a series of next generation scalable MediaVault direct attached storage offerings specifically tailored to address the demanding workflows inherent in content creation, CGI, 2D/3D animation, high-bandwidth uncompressed SD/HD video editing, video streaming and 2K and 4K digital intermediate applications.

The MV5100 is the video industry’s first 8 (MV5108) or 16 (MV5116) drive PCIe SAS or SATA II storage array based on the new PCIe external expansion and cable connection standard. With end-to-end performance utilizing the latest in high bandwidth serial technology, the MV5100 expands PC, server or a workstation’s core logic PCIe bus outside of the box, enabling the ultimate in direct attached storage. The MV5100 will be available in several capacities ranging from 2 up to 16TB of high performance SATA II storage, and is also capable of achieving in excess of 1GB/s transfer rates when fully populated with high performance SATA II or SAS disk drives.

The MV5100 also takes advantage of the enormous bandwidth and low latency benefits of PCI express to maximize throughput. At a raw speed of 20 Gbps, overheads from protocol conversion to serial protocols such as Fibre Channel, Infiniband or Ethernet are totally eliminated. Additionally, the MV5100 offers users exceptionally robust data protection and management incorporating multiple levels of user selectable mirrored or striped parity RAID in RAID 0,1, 1n, 5, 10, 10n, 50, JBOD configurations, supporting up to 8 arrays. A host based management utility provides detailed local and remote management of the MV5100’s built in RAID controller, as well as support for controller level spanning of several MV5100 series boxes to create single arrays of up 32 disk drives.

"Ciprico's MV5100 provides fast direct attached storage geared towards video production,” said Tom Coughlin, president and senior analyst at Coughlin Associates. “This cost effective product continues Ciprico's long history of supporting this industry. The product represents the next generation of video editing storage using low latency buffering and a high speed PCI express interface combined with the flexibility of SAS and SATA disk drives in a RAID array."

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