CES 2012: Invoxia Improves The Sound Of Teleconferences

Looking to change the market's expectations for teleconference audio quality, Invoxia is at CES 2012 showing-off a teleconferencing solution that it claims will make the participants on the other end of a conference call sound like they are sitting right next to you.

January 9, 2012

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How many times have you been sitting around a speakerphone or a Polycom station for a teleconference and realized that the sound quality simply isn't that good? Maybe none because like me, your acoustic expectations are pretty low in the first place. After all, who cares about teleconference audio quality as long as you can hear everyone.

Much the same way the purveyors of high definition and 3D video are changing the expectations for TVs, invoxia is looking to change the expectations of teleconference participants by improving teleconference audio to the point that it feels like the participants on the other end sound like they're sitting right next to you. The higher quality audio is enabled by the eight high-end speakers that line the perimeter of the invoxia NVX 610.

invoxia is at CES 2012 showing off the SIP-compliant, small business-targeted NVX 610 teleconferencing solution. According to invoxia marketing manager Adeline Constant (see embedded video below), not only will NVX 610 users experience better audio quality, so too will the participants on the other end. This is because for each of the NVX 610's speakers, there's also a high quality microphone to pick up the audio of the people sitting around the device.

The NVX 610's compliance with SIP makes it an ideal end-point for any VoIP infrastructure. Another one of the NVX 610's killer features is its support for the contact manager in iOS devices like an iPhone. As seen in the video, an iPhone can be docked onto the NVX 610 in a way that allows the user to initiate calls from the iPhone's contact manager to make calls over Skype as well as the locally provisioned VoIP infrastructure. When the NVX 610 isn't in use for a phone call or teleconference, it can double as a high-quality speaker system for iOS device-based music playback.

The invoxia NVX 610 is available today for $599.

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