Cell Phones Have Finally Gone to the Dogs

A slew of wireless gadgets--including cell phones and cameras--will soon be available for pampered pooches.

May 11, 2007

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Is there an 'iPooch' in your dog's future? Wired reports that with pet ownership on the rise, gadget makers are scrambling to release techno-bling marketed just for canines.

Among some of the hot doggy doodads:

• A two-way cell phone that straps to the collar, letting you and your faithful friend have a conversation (via speakerphone). And if Rover gets lost on the way home, a Good Samaritan can simply press a button on the phone, which will then instantly call your house.

• A collar-attached camera that takes pictures at doggie level, allowing Fifi's owners to see exactly what a dog sees (which hopefully won't be another dog's rear end).

•A dog-centric PDA, which lets owners keep track of vet appointments and playdates.• A food dish with both a built-in alarm that lets your four-legged friend know when its time to eat, and a Web cam that lets you watch him dine from afar.

That's all well and good, but could no one come up with a Roomba-like automatic pooper-scooper?

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