CBL Provides Beijing Data Recovery

CBL Data Recovery ready to assist Olympic athletes, journalists, and tourists over data loss hurdles in Beijing

July 17, 2008

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SINGAPORE -- CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. (CBL) todayinformed athletes, journalists and tourists traveling to the Beijing Olympic Games withlaptops and digital cameras should they be unable to access their data or photographsthat the devices can be taken to CBLs Beijing laboratory for data recovery. An Englishlanguagehotline has been established for international guests who encounter data loss.

Journalists attending the games may neglect to backup their laptops as they rush to filestories to meet deadlines. Athletes and tourists may upload photographs of their trip toChina to their laptops. However, these laptops may experience exposure to extremetemperatures, liquids, power surges or mishandling during the daily commute to sportsvenues resulting in physical damage to the hard drive and possible data loss.

USB thumbdrives used for backups and memory cards from the digital cameras also cansuffer accidental damage thus preventing access to the information on them.

Bill Margeson, President of CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc., counsels anyonewho cannot access files on their laptop or if it is making strange noises, “Turn off thelaptop immediately and don’t attempt to install or reinstall software which could overwritethe data on the hard drive. If you cannot view photos on your camera, remove the card,but don’t discard it. Images on flash and memory cards are recoverable.”

CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.

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