Best Worst Server Name Awards Compendium

Check out the complete compendium of server name submissions from our recent Best Worst Server Name Awards competition.

September 27, 2003

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Submitted By: James Curran
Server Function: SQL Server

Reasoning Behind Name: Leader of the Decepticons (Transformers)
Server Name: Megatron


Submitted By: James Curran
Server Function: web application development server
Reasoning Behind Name: Leader of the Dinobots (Transformers)

Server Name: Grimlock 

Submitted By: Dave Smart
Server Function: email server
Reasoning Behind Name: owner had star trek on his brains
Server Name: mercury


Submitted By: Drew Hunt
Server Function: Establishes VPN connections to the corporate network from exterior clients.
Reasoning Behind Name: Reference to Star Trek species that assimilates other cultures and races into their own ("Resistance is futile")
Server Name: borg

 Submitted By: John Orleanski

Server Function: software build environment
Reasoning Behind Name: Only the most elegant, sleekest, sexiest, independent available
Server Name: EmmaPeel


Submitted By: Tom Robinson
Server Function: it's our IBM WebSphere server

Reasoning Behind Name: cones are both grand and silly - Maxwell Smart's "cone of silence", ice cream, pyramid power etc.
Server Name: webcone


Submitted By: Jeff Meadows
Server Function: backup other servers.
Reasoning Behind Name: this is part of a cartoon scheme that also includes Rocky, and Scooby is there too.....

Server Name: Bullwinkle 

Submitted By: Dave Clendenan
Server Function: primary development build machine - named by QA manager
Reasoning Behind Name: self-evident
Server Name: slacker


Submitted By: Debbie Ojala
Server Function: file server
Reasoning Behind Name: reference to the 3 stooges of course
Server Name: Shemp

 Submitted By: Ron Crowe

Server Function: Lead network server, other place names for other servers
Reasoning Behind Name: Central server of my network, the last bastion of good in Middle Earth (Tolkien)
Server Name: Minastirith (and Rivendell, etc), Mordor for spam/AV filter server...


Submitted By: Brett Upton
Server Function: BDS to the PDS server Yogi

Reasoning Behind Name: Yogi Bear's friend
Server Name: BooBoo


Submitted By: Dawn Ahner
Server Function: Was PDC when network was established, BAS has now been retired
Reasoning Behind Name: Big Ass Server - The "bert" came from the naming scheme of the other servers which were all a Dilbert line, to include, Dogbert, Catbert, Dilbert etc.

Server Name: BAS Bert 

Submitted By: Barry Hite
Server Function:
Reasoning Behind Name: All of this particular sites servers were named after cartoon characters!
Server Name: Scrappy Doo


Submitted By: Dorian Hernandez
Server Function: Computational fluid dynamics calculations and visualizations
Reasoning Behind Name: Named after IBM's 'Deep Blue' supercomputer, because it was huge, and mostly purple...but the darn underscore messed up the DNS entry!!!
Server Name: deep_purple

 Submitted By: John Bennett

Server Function: Oracle
Reasoning Behind Name: Remote server
Server Name: Area51


Submitted By: Greg McDermott
Server Function: NT4 Dept File Server

Reasoning Behind Name: Star wars reference to something EVIL
Server Name: Deathstar

Painfully Obvious Server Names

 Submitted By: Jan Stepka
Server Function: PDA, accounting host

Reasoning Behind Name: Lazy unimaginative installation tech
Server Name: server


Submitted By: Richard Nicolaus
Server Function: File server for a laundromat chain
Reasoning Behind Name: obvious

Server Name: Lint


Submitted By: RoseAnn Sibilio
Server Function: It was the Unix system that customer support logged into to connect with customer systems. However when you needed to telnet/ftp... to the system it could (and did) prove interesting.
Reasoning Behind Name: help
Server Name: help 

Submitted By: Cathy Stevenson
Server Function: mostly backups
Reasoning Behind Name: The second server at that zip code location
Server Name: Z54893B


Submitted By: Scott Krahn

Server Function: It is an exchange server
Reasoning Behind Name: BB = Location Code; S = Server: Function and server # 1

 Submitted By: J.W. Breeden
Server Function: Backup server. No "bossing" at all...

Reasoning Behind Name: God of all
Server Name: Zeus


Submitted By: Alan Wright
Server Function: It does all the "grunt work" like hosting shared CD's
Reasoning Behind Name: Pretty much what it says

Server Name: Grunt


Submitted By: Jose Munoz
Server Function: bogus server
Reasoning Behind Name: just that empty
Server Name: empty 

Submitted By: Pam Wales
Server Function: it's our tape backup server
Reasoning Behind Name: just what it sounds like
Server Name: tapeworm


Submitted By: Jeff Steven

Server Function: Scans all inbound and outbound mail for viruses, SMTP relay, name scares other mail relays
Reasoning Behind Name: Virus Wall - Trend Micro VirusWall Mail scanner
Server Name: VWBug

 Submitted By: chris dean
Server Function: They are ISP stuff.. like HTTP ... POP3 .. SMTP ..etc...

Reasoning Behind Name: Our company is DONET INC. Dayton ohio premier internet provider we are a ISP and our company is DONET so we have servers called jelly and cinnabon etc :)
Server Name: jelly and cinnabon etc....


Submitted By: Jeff Durham
Server Function: A authentication server for the network access running W2K Pro
Reasoning Behind Name: It is server

Server Name: Server


Submitted By: Randall Cherry
Server Function: Manages law library in a prison.
Reasoning Behind Name: Dark cold prison cells
Server Name: Dungeon 

Submitted By: Adam Marsh
Server Function: Testing Server for Development
Reasoning Behind Name: Self Explanatory
Server Name: Crashmaster


Submitted By: Michael Aginsky

Server Function: Novell File Server
Reasoning Behind Name: Someone's Last Name (who was very important to the company)
Server Name: CRUMMY

 Submitted By: Mary Nadasi
Server Function: tests the worst case scenarios for our ERP system

Reasoning Behind Name: carrion eater
Server Name: Buzzard


Submitted By: James Curran
Server Function: linux-based web development server
Reasoning Behind Name: A Transformer

Server Name: Doublecross


Submitted By: Christie Toenies
Server Function: Tries to run Exchange and POP mail very inefficiently, I might add
Reasoning Behind Name: Ever see 2001 A Space Odyssey?
Server Name: Hal9001 

Submitted By: Calvin Lo
Server Function: DB server
Reasoning Behind Name: we uses Trees as naming convention, but not-so-good 'implied' meaning
Server Name: lemon

Server names requiring parental supervision


Submitted By: John Zukowski
Server Function: Main systems server
Reasoning Behind Name: The machine was always up
Server Name: Viagra 

Submitted By: Bren Smith

Server Function:
Reasoning Behind Name: Obvious
Server Name: Three servers, scratch, pick and sniff


Submitted By: Jay Petel
Server Function: System Management control server

Reasoning Behind Name: We avoided getting on that server.
Server Name: your_mom

 Submitted By: Greta Nichols
Server Function: Its a backup novell server
Reasoning Behind Name: The hotsite backup server of a Novell server named "galactic"

Server Name: hotgal


Submitted By: Robert Bloudoff
Server Function: DVI voice server
Reasoning Behind Name: Pain in the ass #3
Server Name: PITA 3


Submitted By: Jason Hicks
Server Function: File dumping ground / FTP
Reasoning Behind Name: Waxing the dolphin
Server Name: monkeyspank 

Submitted By: Bob Kokinda

Server Function: anti-virus / file share
Reasoning Behind Name: Rumors of previous Admin having S&M fetish
Server Name: Spank


Submitted By: Adam Boness

Server Function: Is the distribution server for our corporate Virus Protection Software.
Reasoning Behind Name: Nuts on a Monkey; Became a common slang name for people coming to ask the IT department questions. "Hey, Monkeynuts! What do you need?"
Server Name: MonkeyNuts

 Submitted By: Jeff Chasalow
Server Function: It's our root controller - we just went to active directories

Reasoning Behind Name: 8th planet out from the sun
Server Name: uranus


Submitted By: Ben Jones
Reasoning Behind Name: Do I really have to explain?

Server Name: OHSHIT


Submitted By: Jeff Wold
Server Function: A pair of exchange servers, one was mailbox, the other was smtp/owa services
Reasoning Behind Name: a famous cannibal: Alferd Packer.
Server Name: pair of servers Alferd and Packer 

Submitted By: Casey Nielson
Server Function: web server
Reasoning Behind Name: ?
Server Name: spankme


Submitted By: Mike Comeau

Server Function: DOS based network monitor. She will hardware crowbar any non-responsive computer.
Reasoning Behind Name: She's cute, fast, tough and sassy but she can really bite you!
Server Name: Minx

 Submitted By: Randell D'Arcy
Server Function: Unreliable print server

Reasoning Behind Name: Don't know if you can print this one but it used to be an unreliable print server at HP in Brussels, Belgium. We had over 192servers, all colorfully named. Marilyn was famous for the wrong reasons. When I asked why Marily? I was told because 'she' keeps going down on us...
Server Name: Marilyn


Submitted By: Matt Kaiser
Server Function: Linux file server
Reasoning Behind Name: A pain in the butt

Server Name: Wedgie

Server names that are just sad

 Submitted By: Greg Martin
Server Function: ABUi Net conference server
Reasoning Behind Name: Abui net servers were named after beers. Problem was once we named it Heineken, no one who'd drank one could remember the spelling

Server Name: Heineken


Submitted By: Brad nixon
Server Function: e-mail filter /gateway
Reasoning Behind Name: I guess he had to call it something
Server Name: piglicker


Submitted By: meri shaffer
Server Function: voice engine and databases
Reasoning Behind Name: my ex boss names servers after actresses that he likes
Server Name: Demi, Julia 

Submitted By: John LaBella

Server Function: Print Server
Reasoning Behind Name: Because everyone sends out for Pizza
Server Name: Pizza


Submitted By: John Klazon
Server Function: Personal Student machine

Reasoning Behind Name: All dorm Linux PC's at Pitt given vegetable names, IE broccoli, cauliflower, radish
Server Name: broccoli

 Submitted By: Eric DeWilde
Server Function: Grumpy was the file server, Dopey was the automated system backup server
Reasoning Behind Name: Named for Dwarfs

Server Name: Grumpy, Dopey


Submitted By: Ihaab Dais
Server Function: Web server
Reasoning Behind Name: An infestation of Australian Wombats. The original system administrator who named the server was a huge fan of Australian wildlife.
Server Name: wombatinfestation


Submitted By: Ian Rae
Server Function: junk mail and antivirus gateway
Reasoning Behind Name: affectionate term for something full of crap
Server Name: Poopsies 

Submitted By: Rich Irmischer

Server Function: Used to test software
Reasoning Behind Name: C'mon, everyone knows Mr. T.
Server Name: MR_T


Submitted By: Mark Patchett
Server Function: They were old NetWare 3.x file and print servers

Reasoning Behind Name: Nothing, just names picked from the air
Server Name: Buffy, Spot, Flipper, Sparky

 Submitted By: Brian Franke
Server Function: The underscore caused all sorts of compatibility problems with various software packages
Reasoning Behind Name: I guess they could not come up with a better name

Server Name: _fileserver


Submitted By: George Harasemchuk
Server Function: Linux Box Mail Group
Reasoning Behind Name: Nothing takes me down
Server Name: Still Standing


Submitted By: Allan Mocabee
Server Function: file share server for support engineers
Reasoning Behind Name: Allen was for the building name and the nuts was an acronym for Network User Technologists
Server Name: ALLEN-NUTS 

Submitted By: David Alan Smith

Server Function: Systems Test Server
Reasoning Behind Name: nothing at all
Server Name: Diaper


Submitted By: Kevin Geary
Server Function: poorly built exchange 5.5 server

Reasoning Behind Name: Name of the boyfriend of the guy who set it up!
Server Name: Leonard

 Submitted By: Bob Hayes
Server Function: Video clip server.
Reasoning Behind Name: Joke name during planning that just kind of caught on until it was too late.

Server Name: Klippity-Klips


Submitted By: Brian Cashman
Server Function: Was a web development server; we renamed to Frankenstein shortly afterwards
Reasoning Behind Name: User suggested; she worried us
Server Name: Aroma


Submitted By: Gene H. Freeman
Server Function: Stores information for a 14 node network.
Reasoning Behind Name: We were looking for a name for a server for a new designed network. It was on a night with a new moon. The 56 means nothing.
Server Name: newmoon56 

Submitted By: Richard Tester

Server Function: NT Authentication
Reasoning Behind Name: "whack" "whack" paddy "whack"
Server Name: paddy


Submitted By: John LaBella
Server Function: Back up server

Reasoning Behind Name: THis was a PC that in Storage during a relocation. It came back up but everything seemed slower and when opened it was full of cobwebs and dust.
Server Name: Wheezer

 Submitted By: Eric Kropf
Server Function: just a workstation, kinda fat and lazy
Reasoning Behind Name: Based on a sesame street theme

Server Name: snuffleupagus


Submitted By: nick fohl
Server Function: accounting package and main server for DEC OpenVMS cluster
Reasoning Behind Name: character from super mario bros.
Server Name: bowser


Submitted By: Robbie Bowkamp
Server Function: Primary Domain Controller
Reasoning Behind Name: The 'BIG" server at "Eagle" Tool and Machine Co.
Server Name: Bigbird 

Submitted By: Anthony L. Frqancis

Server Function: Provides access to Electronic Medical records system
Reasoning Behind Name: Practice Partner Server
Server Name: ppserv

Server names that are just cool


Submitted By: George Nezlek

Server Function: communications / internet / firewall - sadly, like the film, the event horizon of a black hole. Data often went in and never came back out, or otherwise disappeared without a trace..
Reasoning Behind Name: data moving faster than the speed of light (it was also the name of a bad sci-fi film)
Server Name: EventHorizon 

Submitted By: Derek Dolan
Server Function:

Reasoning Behind Name: Characters from Kevin Smith movies
Server Name: Banky, Holden, Alyssa, Bartleby, Loki, Svenning, etc


Submitted By: Ray Dzek
Server Function: MRTG-RRDTOOL Reports
Reasoning Behind Name: Dead In Dog Years

Server Name: DIDY

 Submitted By: John Orleanski
Server Function: software development
Reasoning Behind Name: Only the badest workstation to develop sftw on
Server Name: Morticia


Submitted By: LaMont Turner
Server Function: Domain Controller
Reasoning Behind Name: Do Not Click
Server Name: donotclick


Submitted By: Philip Bierdz

Server Function: This serer was the first server introduced during a major business model conversion for a $40 million dollar company located in Schiller Park, IL.
Reasoning Behind Name: Whitesands is a missile testing range for the military. The blow things up there all the time.
Server Name: Whitesands 

Submitted By: Trina L Short
Server Function: The school's web caching server.

Reasoning Behind Name: Named after the famous country singer.
Server Name: JohnnyCache


Submitted By: David Isbell
Server Function: deceased; other servers in family included chaos, bedlam, ataxia, anarchy, enigma, ochlocrary and conundrum
Reasoning Behind Name: so messed up didn't know whether to run, die, hang, trash your files or what...

Server Name: schizoid

 Submitted By: Kate Flanigan
Server Function: It is a game server
Reasoning Behind Name: It is a server made of parts cannibalized from other servers
Server Name: Frankenputer


Submitted By: Richard Nicolaus
Server Function: IIS web server
Reasoning Behind Name: Needs / wants the latest patches all the time
Server Name: PatchMe


Submitted By: John Wieczorek

Server Function: doesn't matter
Reasoning Behind Name: Just so that a "ping Elvis" returns: "Elvis is alive"
Server Name: Elvis 

Submitted By: Jeff Schmidt
Server Function: Citrix

Reasoning Behind Name: It came to me after eating at the company dining facility.
Server Name: Queasy


Submitted By: Brett Freeman
Server Function: Nothing, fast.
Reasoning Behind Name: ...after the Samuel Beckett play of the same name: Its always being waited on.

Server Name: Godot

Server names for real smart people 

Submitted By: Poomba One
Server Function: OpenBSD firewall to surround PeopleSoft applications
Reasoning Behind Name: A scavenger which feeds on dung

Server Name: coprophage


Submitted By: Lauren Moore
Server Function: It was the personal workstation of a co-worker who also appreciated the name's ability to keep users from typing it into a telnet or ftp. Until I was driven to put up a DNS CNAME of "sissy".
Reasoning Behind Name: Named to reflect upon the thankless, never-ending tasks of a sysadmin
Server Name: sisyphus

 Submitted By: Tony Lucas
Server Function: holds corporate data
Reasoning Behind Name: as in pandoras box-- never know what's in it
Server Name: pandoras


Submitted By: Mike Bloch

Server Function: File Server
Reasoning Behind Name: All of the servers were named after islands, like Canary, or Easter...
Server Name: nomanisan


Submitted By: Jay Petel
Server Function: Firewall management station

Reasoning Behind Name: One of the moons of Saturn, also a Greek god. All servers were names after planets and moons.
Server Name: iapetus (but no one knew how to pronounce it) 

Submitted By: Arnold Febre
Server Function: Pan - demigod? of music and art, for a department that focuses primarily in digital media creation (pictures, music and movies) by students
Reasoning Behind Name: We try to base the servers on the type of work it does, but sometimes we just like the names.

Server Name: Admin side: Greek gods Public side: Viking gods


Submitted By: Stanford Wong
Server Function: Developmental management server
Reasoning Behind Name: Goddess of Memory and inventress of words
Server Name: Mnemosyne

 Submitted By: Michael McNeely
Server Function: Database server
Reasoning Behind Name: Hindu god of protection
Server Name: Satyanarayana


Submitted By: Ron Griggs

Server Function: Oracle database server
Reasoning Behind Name: Site of ancient Greek temple, complete with priestess who served as an oracle to the gods, usually
Server Name: Delphi


Submitted By: Gaven Henderson
Server Function: PDC, file server, profiles

Reasoning Behind Name: The dude who will take your kid!
Server Name: rumpelstiltskin 

Submitted By: Ben Chaltraw
Server Function: CD-Rom server in a Law Office
Reasoning Behind Name: A proclaiming of evil against someone. (the support staff) Malediction is the most general term, denoting bitter reproach, or wishes and predictions of evil.

Server Name: Malediction


Submitted By: Mike Comeau
Server Function: Gateway Router - Virus Scanner and Alarm
Reasoning Behind Name: I SEE ONE YOU SEE ONE TOO?
Server Name: IC1UC12

 Submitted By: David Bruns
Server Function: customer records
Reasoning Behind Name: types of beer


Submitted By: Cliff Hungerford

Server Function: Network Management (SNMP)
Reasoning Behind Name: Type of bird (all our servers are named for birds)
Server Name: Bufflehead


Submitted By: Devin Riley
Server Function: Tape backup

Reasoning Behind Name: Reference to Whitehouse scandal
Server Name: Watergate

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