Back To Snail Mail? Are You Kidding?

The assertion that using snail-mail will regain productivity dollars lost through SPAM is hog wash.

December 10, 2003

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There was an article on our sister publication Information Week about Symantec's claim that many small businesses are thinking of discontinuing e-mail in an effort to increase productivity.

Their assertion is that SPAM reduces productivity, and by using snail-mail, they will regain those lost dollars. Does "hog wash" answer that assertion?

SPAM is a pain. But so is junk snail mail. Do we move just because we get lots of junk mail? NO! Can we eliminate a large amount of SPAM? Yes! Is it perfect? No! Is life perfect? No! - unless you hang with super models, and even then its not....

I was sitting at my computer playing MATRIX today. No, it wasn't the screen saver, it was my maillog zipping by, at rather a fast speed. Amazingly, or not, 98% of it was SPAM. And what's even nicer, it was all being rejected though my use of SPAM filters developed for Postfix by Security Sage (

I've been able to decrease my SPAM about 90%. If I installed all the filters, I'd probably increase it to about 98%, but I'm a little lazy. Have I had some valid e-mails get rejected? I'm sure, but hey, life isn't perfect (even for super models).In another blog I'll talk about Postfix. A very interesting e-mail program. I'll also talk about Exchange, a very troublesome program as well.

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