After Buffett: 9 People Who Should Tweet

Now that Warren Buffett has gotten social on Twitter, here are others we'd like to see in the tweeting crowd.

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5 New LinkedIn Tools

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"Warren is in the house." That's the first tweet by Warren Buffett, who finally and famously joined Twitter on May 2. When Warren Buffett talks, people listen, and the same will no doubt hold true when he tweets. Indeed, we'll take @WarrenBuffett's words of wisdom over, say, @KimKardashian's musings any day.

Who else would we like to see on Twitter? Here's hoping we can follow the following people (and not the many fake Twitter accounts set up in some of their names) soon.

1. Christopher Walken

Because the world, and Twitter, needs more cowbell.

2. Prince

Because Prince's prose was Twitter-ready before there even was a Twitter. ("I would die 4 U.")

3. Jim Parsons

Parsons, The Big Bang Theory's king geek Sheldon, says he has "tried" Twitter but found that he either had nothing interesting to say or didn't want to share the interesting things he did have to say. We're hoping he changes his mind.

[ Are security snafus stopping you from tweeting? Read Twitter Preps Two Factor Authentication After AP Hoax. ]

4. Kim Jong-un

Because it would be really interesting (scary?) to see what is going on inside his head.

5. Tina Fey

Because she's smart, she's funny and she has interesting things to say in interesting ways.

6. Tom Wolfe

Because it's far too long between books.

7. Bobby Orr

Because don't you want to know what #4 Bobby Orr has to say about hockey today?

8. Carl Yastrzemski

Ditto what I said about Bobby Orr, except substitute "baseball" for "hockey."

9. Educators

Many educators shy away from social, for some very good reasons, but kids need good models.

Who would you like to see on Twitter? Who have you seen quite enough of? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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