13 Must Have Android Tools For IT

Put your Android phone to work with these handy utilities.

Mike Fratto

September 14, 2011

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Who hasn't been out of the office and received a call about a down server, a user who can't reset their password, or some other system problem. It's a 5 minute fix but it will take much longer just to get to a computer. Remote desktops can help. Wyse's PocketCloud is a Windows remote desktop and VNC client in both a free a paid version. You can log in, navigate the screen, pull up function keys, and using innovative UI components like the mouse pointer, access commonly used functions. While I am not ready to trade my desktop in for a smartphone and PocketCloud, I can say it makes remote management a snap and shows that remote desktop has come a long way since I use RDP on my Palm Treo.

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Mike Fratto

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